Great to get here early, to get pictures of the sunrise, and of the mountains.

scenic driving
4 years ago

This is my review on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, IL.
I just came back from a amazing trip from Chicago and I walked the Magnificent Mile. I thought that the sites were amazing and I just could not get enough of the sites. I took over 5oo pictures of the sites and I will never forget the scenic route that I decided to take instead of riding public transportation.

scenic driving
5 years ago

Well, I am stationed out here in Ft. Irwin, CA. Therefore, I am 31 mi. from Barstow. So, every time I leave post, I drive pass the Mojave Desert and I train out here. Therefore, it does not look like a desert out in Iraq some where and there are a lot of mountains. Plus, I think I have out done my camera with all the photos I have taken.