Such a nice walk!

I love this trail and walk it frequently, at least a section of it. The Sundial bridge and the ribbon bridge are my favorite parts. It's also fun to see everyone out and about!

great place for walking, beautiful setting on the river. Great place to take the family. I recommend having bug spray on hand.

4 months ago

As advertised: nicely paved trail with enough shade and nice views of the Sacramento River.

A excellent feature for any city. I take the family and dog on walks here often. There are so many things for the kids to stop and observe and learn about. It is well-maintained and interesting to say the least.

The scenery is plentiful for picture taking. Turtle Bay offers some awesome sculptures and a vast array of gardens to walk thru and explore. My friend and I have walked here many times and will continue to do so.

8 months ago

Safe, lots of families and friends out enjoying the day. Nice paved path with mile markers. Beautiful views of the river through lovely shade trees.

Very beautiful walk along the river. It is completely paved and flat for most of the walk/bike ride. Its just a nice relaxing time the whole way.

1 year ago

Beautiful Trail, did about 7 miles this morning, went from the Sundial Bridge to just past the aquatic center then came back and did one more short loop. This ride is along the Sacramento River. People are friendly, it's a paved trail and it's really easy riding. I'm just starting to get back out there, today's 7 mile ride was pretty easy.

trail running
2 years ago

I run, walk and ride on this trail all the time. It has multiple trailheads, my favorite at the Sundial Bridge. Depending on the part of the trail you're on, the difficulty level can be easy to challenging (cardiac hill). You can do loops and out/backs or point to points of short or extended distances. It's primarily paved and always scenic and gorgeous, year round! My absolute favorite place to run!

mountain biking
4 years ago

A great trail for the whole family to enjoy. Paved and smooth with lots of shady spots along the way to stop and rest. Lots of side singletrack trails that break off and connect to other dirt trails in the area. Lots of benches to rest at along the N side of river.Also plenty of spots to hike down to the river and go for a swim durring summer months. The section from the Elks club on the N side headed west to the cable bridge by Keswick is my favorite section a bathroom is close to the bridge on the N side of river. Trail connects east to the Sundail Bridge area and Turtle Bay Park. New section now connects east under the 44 freeway eastbound to Bechelli Ln. A good place to start is by the Aquatic Center in the middle of caldwell park. Pack a lunch and make a day out of it with the family. Very easy trail with lots of nature and people to watch. Busy on the weekends. Small skateboard park for you skaters out there right next to the aquatic center.

mountain biking
5 years ago

You can ride your road or mountain bike on it I do it all the time.

road biking
5 years ago

I usually cycle this paved trail and include it in the ride on the Sacramento River Trail. This gives me about 10-11 miles total ride. Views of surrounding mountains. And you are right in the middle of Redding. Depending on day of week and time of day this trail can be all yours. More folks get our on sunny, warm days and weekends.

I walk the River Trail often, and I have for years. The addition of the Sundial Bridge a few years back enhanced the experience. It is one of the most beautiful walking, or biking trails in the state. I only walked a short distance on this outing, but you can go on for many miles. Up one side of the river and down the other,above Lake Redding Park you can cross the old Dieselhorst bridge and walk up towards Keswick. You can cross back over another bridge and come back down the other side of the river and behind the Elks Club. you could make a whole day of it if you like, take the dog, ride a bike. Stop and put your feet in the water. There are lots of places to stop and observe nature. It's a beautiful walk.