trail running
7 months ago

I started at the Art Smith trailhead on hiway 74 at 1000 feet above sea level. I ran about 6 km then back to trailhead. Truly special and memorable couple of hours. This has lots of elevation change and some very challenging footing...... This trail is not easy or moderate.... This is difficult, but worth it! Despite the spectacular conditions I went about an hour without seeing another person.

Now that I have run the gorgeous southern 40% of Hopalong and also the northern 30%, it's time for me to arrange a shuttle and run the entirety, probably north to south.

This website should do a better job of "defining" the trails.

What a n amazing trail and close to the city! Beautiful views and pretty good workout! My family stumbled onto this trail and I'm soooo glad that we did!

Love this trail very nice scenery of Big Horn country club. You can continue to Cathedral Canyon and onto Palm Springs.

Love the Herb Jefferies Trail lower part, for my morning and evening walks. A nice little park along the way to freshen up a bit. The only down fall to this location are those who do not wish to follow the leash law. I have been rushed along this trail by a German Shepard not on a leash. Just this morning there we're several large dogs to include a doberman not on a leash. I do wish they would do something about this The signs are posted but the people refuse to acknowledge.

It's really an awesome trail, but that depends which area you're at on this trail! There's an area on this trail that's just breath taking towards Art Smith Trail, if you hike it all the way. And absolutely a horrible area next to the golf course that's hell if not purgatory. From the back of Target Shopping Center where this trail begins up to the Golf Course is not that interesting. It's after the Golf Course you'll discover the beauty of this trail. That's truly where the gem is located. Unless you have two cars parked at both ends or you're a renegade? not too many hikers will attempt to hike Hopalong Cassidy all the way. The other way to do this is to start at Art Smith and hike that two mile portion from that end. Which ever strategy you decide! Hopalong Cassidy is a must see trail. Indeed worthy to add to your next hiking destination. If you skip this trail, you have no idea what you're missing!! :)

3 years ago

this trail is incredibly arid from mid April probably until end of September. Desolate, open and serene. need good sunscreen and plenty of water. Dusty and hot!

It's the trail behind Target in Palm Desert. Best to start at Hopalong Cassidy Trail and at the intersection, follow that intimidating trail that go straight up the mountain. It's an obvious trail you can't miss it. It's doesn't take you completely to the summit of Bump & Grind but that's where this trail ends. For a really nice loop hike go right on Bump & Grind and then right on Mike Schuler Trail to return to where you parked.

Great hike. Some steep switchbacks about half way in but not severe. As you hike along the golf course, the trail goes into an area under development, stay along the golf course fence and you will pick it up again in a few hundred feet.