Facility Features: Picnic tables, hiking trail, hollywood sign, parking, tunnel/cave. Park open until dusk.

11 days ago

Amazing views! Great trail access to front and back of Hollywood sign. Parked on Beachwood Drive before "No Parking" signs start appearing.

Great trail! Very difficult to find parking tho. But overall it was a great hike and perfect view of the sign. Also like that there's 2 different trails. One to look directly at it, and one to go above and look down at it.

Beautiful views! Great workout but not too steep. Really enjoyed this hike. It was longer for me because I started at the bottom of the Cauheunga loop trail and worked my way up.

24 days ago

Pretty good trail. With the exception of making sure you have to park in a zone that does not require a permit. Last thing you need after a beautiful day and a hike is to come back to your car with a parking ticket or worse, towed.

Love doing this in and out trail with friends for a great view and moderate uphill climb.