Facility Features: Picnic tables, hiking trail, hollywood sign, parking, tunnel/cave. Park open until dusk.

Great Hike but Moderate plus due to the incline. I saw a lot of people just quit and turn around. Parking is tough we got lucky that someone was leaving when we arrived. Great Views, good for Pics. No shade, so wear your Sunblock

16 days ago

As a hike, so-so. Lots of people, even mid-week in November. Of course, the real reason is to get to the Hollywood sign... but even then the closest you can get is about 100 ft, due to fences (with lots of security cameras). It was a very hazy day too, maybe better views on a nice day.

So, I would call this borderline moderate. Cool view but pretty steep! No weekend parking so that's a drag and some of the locals are a--holes. My g.f.s and I were walking up the street talking but not making too much noise and this woman comes out of her house and tells us to get the f--- away from her house. A couple of weeks later I tried hiking to the sign from Canyon Drive north of Franklin Ave near the big Gelsons on the corner. Tons of parking on Canyon past the gate and in a dirt lot. The hike was maybe 10 minutes longer, but not as steep. Also water and decent rest rooms that were pretty clean and no screaming residents. After we went to the Trails Cafe on Fern Dell nearby.

1 month ago

Awesome hike. It's actually pretty difficult as it's all uphill. I'd say the first 20% of the hike is hard as the incline's the steepest but if you battle through it it's pretty awesome and it evens out a little. The views behind the Hollywood sign are really cool!

1 month ago

Love this hike. Its not too steep and the views are beautiful. There is not a lot of shade so it can get pretty hot.

1 month ago

I found this to be a difficult hike for my being mostly uphill. The views were definitely worth it though. I got to be so close to the Hollywood sign and there weren't a lot of other people there

If you approach up the Beachwood Canyon entrance, there is no parking on the weekend on the streets for about 3/4 mile leading up to the trailhead. Agressively enforced! The trail itself is wide and well traveled, pretty gradual incline. Lots of people coming from other trails in the park. Upper half of the trail is blacktop. Great views of both Hollywood and the Valley and of course the iconic sign.

3 months ago

Make sure to bring sun screen and water. Also be prepared with the type of clothing you wearing and don't forget to wear hiking shoes. Most of the hike is uphill. On the other hand it has amazing views of Griffith Observatory, Downtown LA, and the Hollywood sign. I personally enjoyed the hike.

Fun time, took my son so we could check out our legendary Hollywood sign!

Nice views

Well, I got lost and decided to just wonder around and look at the different houses. I hate stairs so I'm glad I got lost and got to explore the neighborhood. It would be better if the stairs were easier to find. I would not consider this an easy outing. I'm out of shape and I met some alethic women that were struggling like I was.