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14 days ago

Instead of going out and back on the Briones Road Trail, I made a loop by going up to the Mott Peak Trail and the down to the Abrigo Valley Trail. This way I made the hike a bit invigorating and a little more interesting. Total distance was 4.4 miles with elevation 709 feet. It was still a moderate hike. For detail please my recorded track.

Love this hike. medium hike with great views. Dogs on a leash please. watch out for Road Apples!

The trails were wide and well marked. There are plenty of the fabulous views of the open spaces, Mt. Diablo and the watershed. No much shade on the trails but thanks for the cool winds from the Bay making it a pleasant hike.

Couldn't even go on the trails bc they all require permits. That you have to get from other parks.

1 month ago

Briones is a great place to hike. It gets more traffic now than it ever has. Keep you eyes open. There are a few single tracts that are off the map that you'll enjoy! It was my go to and my training grounds for a decade. Miss it now that I live out of the area...and MT Diablo as well.

1 month ago

I started at the Alhambra Creek Trail. It was mostly shaded. At the end I turned left and followed the Spengler Trail. From Spengler Trail I climbed up onto the Diablo View Trail. This part I had a good view of Mt. Diablo. From there I descended to the parking lot. The loop was short and easy. It took me less than an hour to complete.

Very nice trail with good views up top. Nice hills to give you some good legwork but not overdo it. Great place to take your dog.

1 month ago

Good hike with good views and some nice climbs. It can't be done stand alone the way it's drawn on the map... You have to walk in to it from one of the kiosks. I've don it in combination with other trails the same day.

Nice trail but I looped it with Lafayette and Buckeye... No need to do out and back.

Nice hike with some good climbs and views. Grab a map and take a better route than this map shows. No reason not to loop the hike. Briones is such a great place to hike. As long as you have a trail map you can change things up on the fly to a larger degree than almost anywhere in the bay. If you like you can do from 2 -20 miles and still be in the system with a map in your hand...

Very nice foothill hike best done in spring but very good in fall or winter. I've done every inch of Briones muliple times and if you pay attention there is a couple of good single tracts that aren't on any maps... Great place to get the dogs out for a run... Pretty good views up top.

You can do bear Creek Trail without a permit but to do the backside of Briones Res you have to have a EBMUD permit that you can get at their office on the way to San Pablo Res nearby. Cheap and well worth it and is good for several years and allows others to go with you. The loop around the lake is 16 miles I think and is a great hike.

1 month ago

Good hike that gets a little too much mountain bikes in the mix during high use days. It's much better to do a loop. If you pick up a map it's easily done.

Very good year round hike. Excellent area to hike with dogs especially fall and winter when there's not too many people around.

Briones was my go to hiking area close to the house for a decade. Great place to hike in the winter and spring. Not uncommon to see a few deer and the last time i was there in june I saw a Coyote about 200 yards away. We were peeking at each other through some trees... It was one of my training areas to do a few backpacking trips.

We hiked as a group of 28 hikers. We started on the Abrigo Valley trail. We ascended to the Mott Peak trail to the Briones Crest trail. We followed the Crest trail on to the Crescent Ridge trail. The Crescent Ridge trail then toke us past the Archery Range and back to the parking lot. Total distance was 7 miles and total elevation was 1,339 feet with some steep hills to climb. Total time was 3 hours with brief stops to ensure the group stays together, and a 15 minute break at a halfway point. Our moving time was 2 hr. and 15 min. Average speed was 3.1 mph. The weather was sunny with cool winds. It was a great hike.

1 month ago

Love this! Hike it once/week!
Stay away during wet weather. Also, there are cows grazing in here, be mindful!

I visited this park during the Labor Day weekend: The hills are golden but summer heat was fading, and some wildflowers were still blooming. The panoramic views on the top were fantastic. It was a total enjoyable hike. I started at the Bear Creek parking lot. I took the Old Briones Road and turn left on Black Oak Trail. I continued on the Black Oak Trail and keeps ascending to the Mott Peak Peak Trail. Then I took the Briones Road and back to the parking lot. The first half was a fair amount of climbing but second half was a gradual descent. Total distance was 4.9 miles with elevation of 863 feet.

road biking
1 month ago

Woot! Perfect way to kick start a Saturday morning! First attempt at this ride and it was awesome--smooth paved road, lots of other cyclists (but not crowded!), and some cars depending on location but enough space on the road for them to pass you. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing my improvements with time and speed. I went counter-clockwise and according to my record, it appears that I conquered the steeper/higher inclines first, which probably explains why I saw tons of cyclists going the opposite direction (clockwise)... so I'll try that next time. I'm used to long distance, flat road biking so the 20 miles was nothing but the inclines... oh man, there were probably 3 or 4 "hills" where I was in my lowest gear for a good 10-15 minutes just inching along but again I look forward to seeing my improvements! Totally recommended!

Went on a sunny, windy Saturday, saw a fair amount of people with large dogs, plus groups of mountain bikers, but it didn't feel too busy. VERY nice ranger reminded us to keep dog from chasing cattle, especially the calves. I wish there was a way to know where exactly to expect the herds in parks. This route is beautiful, fairly easy, and has shade on and off but no water. Needs more picnic spots, and the bathrooms along the trail were closed.