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Great trail for a levels of hikers.

3 days ago

super muddy, 2 days of sun isn't nearly enough to dry out the trails. mudslides all over too... love the views can't wait for it to dry out a bit more!

If you want to feel like in your in Ireland than take a stop here. Amazing.

We had a alternate hike today. Instead of going west to the ridge, we went east and through the Acalanes Open Space to Larkey Park in Walnut Creek. The hike was 4.3 miles with elevation of 866 feet.

The beginning was intense, especially since I carried my 1 year old on my back, but so worth the view at the top. Next time I'll try the loop and add a little more distance to the hike.

1 month ago

Perfect in the winter. Everything's all green and there isn't much shade, but it can get muddy if it's rained recently.

Muddy and uphill on bad trail. Good if you want to off leash your dog, but not worth the hike.

1 month ago

Great Hike to see the Green Hills - a little muddy about 2 miles from the finish but considering how much it has poured - it wasnt too bad

1 month ago