Border Field State Park is on the very southwestern corner of the United States and 15 miles south of San Diego. Border Field is located within the Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve, an important wildlife habitat. The sand dunes and salt marshes give refuge to critically threatened and endangered birds such as the Western Snowy Plover, the California Least Tern, and the Light-footed Clapper Rail. The park provides restrooms, picnic areas, barbecues, horse corrals, and interpretive displays. Visitors enjoy surf fishing, beach combing, hiking, horseback riding, and bird watching. The Park does not recommend swimming or wading, due to hazardous conditions, such as inshore holes, rip currents, and the lack of lifeguard service within the Park. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was concluded on February 2, 1848, officially ending the U.S./Mexico War. In 1850, delegations from both countries began surveying the boundary at this location and the border monument, number 258, can be viewed on top of Monument Mesa. Border Field Weekend Vehicle Access = CLOSED starting 11/2/09 - May 2010 Planning to go to Border Field State Park This Weekend? Check current entrance gate status, road and trail access, and other important information by clicking here to visit the Tijuana Estuary website. HOURS OF OPERATION: Day After Labor Day - October 30th 9:30a.m. to 6:00p.m. November 1st

good Walk good views good plants!

on Border Field Trail

4 months ago

Great trail, wouldn't go at night

mountain biking
8 months ago

Try to ride at least once a week.

horseback riding
10 months ago

We rented horses and rode the beach.

10 months ago

cross country skiing
1 year ago

Nice walk

1 year ago

Nice run near the border

1 year ago

I did this last year so I could see first hand the dead whale that had washed ashore. I am posting pictures of that, so enjoy.
It was very interesting to be that close to the border and seeing the old bull fighting ring, among other sings. Makes you glad to live in America.

1 year ago

This park begins from Dairy Mart Rd. and it ends at the beach. there are many posts where you can park your vehicle. the park at dairy mart rd. is getting a trail lift, meaning that the trails are getting fixed. and i guess they are fixing as to how to walk around during rainy season cause it floods. but just went there yesterday and it looking nice. in spring look out for snakes. watch your kids and keep dogs on leash. all in all it's a decent park..I sugest you read Afoot and Afield is a book about trails in San Diego.

The road to the beach was closed so we did the entire park on foot. We spent a few hours just wondering around. The only problem was dodging all the landmines from the horses. Kiddos loved climbing on the huge dirt mound. Overall it was nice, but we probably won't head back again. Kiddos didn't like not being able to play in the water and I felt like I was in the middle of no where.

2 years ago

5 years ago

good trail to take your dogs on however I would advise to keep them on leashes also good for horse back ridding