Its long. Take ur phone and make sure you stay on the right trail. There are plenty of turns and forks. It was rough. But a good hike. Took my dog with me and we made it.

Best hike ever, difficult, but not super bad, you can rock climb at the top into caves as well! When I went, it was inside of a cloud so no view but the experience was fantastic!

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2 months ago

Nice and tough! Excellent views.

nice. trail

Went out and hiked to the top of Boney Mt yesterday. Agree with folks who point out this is not a moderate trail once you pass the "monument". A few items I would point out for first timers to this hike as follows 1) When you mapquest the address for the trailhead you end up at a road that is for authorized vehicles only. So we backtracked to the end of Wendy and folks there pointed us over to the State Park parking lot off of Lynn Road; 2) Starting at Lynn or Wendy appears to add about 8/10 mile round trip to the hike; 3) the trail marking was a little confusing and resulted in about 2 miles of backtracking. Biggest mistake we made was to turn at a fork that was labeled Old Boney Mt trail - don't do it - keep going to and past the "monument" which is identified on the fork in the road. 4) Once past the monument it's a pretty strenuous climb up several thousand feet on a trail that is in rough shape.

So with all this said it was an awesome hike. We ended up going between 12 and 13 miles in about 5 hours. The view at the top was spectacular although on the Pacific side it was overcast. I would note that my buddy rolled his ankle on the way down the hill so the warnings on other posts are spot on. I would have rated the hike a 5 if not for the trail condition in a few spots. Sorry for the long post - wanted to share lessons learned!

Always a solid hike, great views and lots of fun! This time we decided to take Boney to fossil trail; a step traverse down then back up the Black B.

Tough but great workout. 2 hours up from road below Ranger Houses to the peak. 20 min on top for fried chicken and buddy's home brewed IPA (first time in MANY years I had a beer at 8:30 am). Back down in 1:40 with some trail jogging. Started at 6:30. 30-min - 1 hour earlier next time would be better. Parts of the trail really work calves and heart rate. Maybe the Overlook is moderate, but the peak should be labelled hard. Wonder why AllTrails doesn't have the summit hike listed. I would guess it is closer to 10 mi out and back.

It was tough and challenging, so not moderate.

tough trek up with some nice views, especially at the top. getting there is not scenic however. I'd rate it difficult after doing it now for 3rd time not sure why rated so low. 9.2 miles from dirt lot and over 2000 ft climbing in a trough or gutter for some of the way. going down is tough in joints too.

Great day hike!

Amazing hike!! Especially in the spring after a good rain. So many wildflowers.

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11 months ago

Honestly I personally didn't fall in love with the trail that much but I do know that it's my fault because I didn't prepare for it. It did however have various terrain and tails. Very beautiful.

The nice thing about this hike is that it is varied. Some parts of the trail are nice and easy, other parts have been washed almost completely away and are more challenging. The views are very good and on a clear day they are great.

ive now done this trail a bakers dozen times. its a solid 6 hr out and back with a little rest on the peak. my girlfriend did it in running shoes and peaked... cursing under her breath... but did it.
great training hike and absolutely beautiful at the top.

A great hike. Steep and scrambling at the end.


I highly recommend this hiking trail. it's a wonderful and strenuous hike. the view from the peak of the mountain is beautiful. I suggest hikers bring sufficient water and food. :)