Many Gorgeous Falls on Ecological Preserve Skirting Private Property: A Note on Beauty and Caution

On my hike here I came across at least five waterfalls and numerous creeks, cascades, cows (including bulls, with horns), mud, mossy tufts, and fascinating mounds and bluffs of rock. I came here the final week of January and wanted to see the falls known as Phantom Falls or Coal Canyon Falls. It is the destination you see most recorded treks wander to--the ones that look mostly like an out an back, which is the track I mostly recommend at this time. The loop portion doesn't add anything new or interesting... Just one small cascade, but otherwise, more of just the same mountaintop and a lot of cow pies.

What to look for at the trailhead to see the two best waterfalls -- More of a Y than a Loop:
You'll find a main trail that eventually "forks" about 1/4 mi. in. You can either continue and follow the creek down what appears to be the more trekked path a 1/2 mi out to Hollow Falls (a large and beautiful cascade) or take a right turn up what looks likes a lighter trekked path to Coal Canyon or Phantom Falls (plus a few other falls en route). This is the most recorded path on AllTrails. A note of caution here--the path recorded on AllTrails does skirt/enter private property with clearly marked signs, you have to hop a small gorge, and the private property has bulls on it.... A little scary when you are walking along cliff faces to view these beautiful falls. I recommend keeping your phone on you and maybe a spare charger to keep an eye on the route as the trail is not clearly marked.

If you plan on doing both Hollow & Phantom Falls, I recommend Phantom first then finishing to chill at Hollow Falls as the latter is more accessible and can be more impressive due to proximity.

When I return I hope to record this recommended Y trek and/ or a better loop marking waterfall locations.

Amazing hike easy going trails, multiple waterfalls along the way . Phantom falls is the biggest with Fires down below on cold rainy days. Wild flowers in the spring , Swim under the water fall in the summer ! Right in my backyard . Thank you nature.

Hiked it 2 days ago and it was gorgeous. No wild flowers yet but all the streams are running and it's not too muddy!! Get out there and hike!!

This is a cool place, so don't let the farmland trailhead deceive you. Bring your boots's pretty muddy here and there. Follow the water until you hit the top of the first waterfall. Nice view from there.

We went on November 11th. Beautiful weather and the trail was good. There weren't any signs to lead the way, but there were visible trails. We followed the sound of the water and it lead us to a beautiful waterfall area.

We went here on July 2, 2016 and everything was dead and the river was completely dried up. The map was completely wrong. It was telling us to go through private property. There is a trail but with only two markers and then there is nothing. You don't even know if you are heading down the right way. The pictures were totally deceiving. Don't go here during the summer. Not an all year trail.

I hiked this trail today. Easy to find the trail head. There are literally no signs on any of the trails so we definitely took wrong turns because we didn't study the map! If you go straight instead of to the right you will end up at the bottom of Hallow Falls. Really cool waterfall. From there if you want to see the other two falls you need to walk back up towards the parking area and take the trail that forks off to the left. The trails do disappear from time to time as well but if you keep you walking you will eventually run into another one or see an area where the falls are. Lots to explore and see. I'd recommend going at least once!