Hiked it 2 days ago and it was gorgeous. No wild flowers yet but all the streams are running and it's not too muddy!! Get out there and hike!!

This is a cool place, so don't let the farmland trailhead deceive you. Bring your boots though...it's pretty muddy here and there. Follow the water until you hit the top of the first waterfall. Nice view from there.

loved it what a beautiful place.

We went on November 11th. Beautiful weather and the trail was good. There weren't any signs to lead the way, but there were visible trails. We followed the sound of the water and it lead us to a beautiful waterfall area.

We went here on July 2, 2016 and everything was dead and the river was completely dried up. The map was completely wrong. It was telling us to go through private property. There is a trail but with only two markers and then there is nothing. You don't even know if you are heading down the right way. The pictures were totally deceiving. Don't go here during the summer. Not an all year trail.

I hiked this trail today. Easy to find the trail head. There are literally no signs on any of the trails so we definitely took wrong turns because we didn't study the map! If you go straight instead of to the right you will end up at the bottom of Hallow Falls. Really cool waterfall. From there if you want to see the other two falls you need to walk back up towards the parking area and take the trail that forks off to the left. The trails do disappear from time to time as well but if you keep you walking you will eventually run into another one or see an area where the falls are. Lots to explore and see. I'd recommend going at least once!

When the wildflowers are blooming this a stunning visual walk (not so much a "hike"). Worth the trip across the pastures to Phantom Falls. Not too much water running or wildflowers the day we went. However, I've been in the past and all the flowers and the view down to the floor of Oroville - spectacular!

Pretty neat scenery but not the best in comparison to my previous hikes. Also wasn't a fan of the bits of barbed wire laying around. Plus THE COWS! Now cows are awesome and we tried to stay out of their way. The only thing is that these guys are everywhere. My friends and I tried to stay out of their way because when we were too close we'd get stared down by a whole herd and it can be a little uncomfortable when you're thinking they just might charge at you for being too close. Plus their patties are everywhere so watch your step.

Beauiful! We went Easter weekend, so there were a lot of people near the beginning of the trail. The further in we got the less crowded it was. Very easy and lovely with all the wildflowers and streams through the rocks and plain.

Loved this wild flower covered rocky path to Phantom Falls. It took about 90 minutes to get there, but very worth the hike.