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3 days ago

nice easy trail along the creek to multiple swimming holes

12 days ago

The first part of this hike was not pretty. Lol. And most of the trails were streams. If you want to go after it rains, be sure to have water proof hiking boots.

The view from the point does not disappoint. It's beautiful. There is a disc golf course here so watch your head. :)

2 months ago

Fun little beginner trail with some short technical obstacles can be done by most riders.

Loved being next to the creek for most of the hike.

4 months ago

Upper Bidwell Park is one of Chico's many attractions. While the trails will not pose a challenge for any serious hiker, the park is a fun place to explore. There are many different routes that offer a variety of experiences. There are several different swimming holes you can hike to as well. This place is more of a recreation area for locals, but if you are visiting Chico or any neighboring cities, it is definitely worth the trip.

4 months ago

For my first true hike I enjoyed it very much. Had some challenging spots but again I am a beginner at hiking. I am 52 and my 27 year old son ( who trail runs ) was with me. We went in 3 miles and came back out. Took 2 hrs 53 min. Definitely will hike this one again.

6 months ago

We hiked this 4th of July weekend 2016. Easy mostly flat hiking but long. We didn't do the loop. Got to the end but then came down the same way rather than crossing over the water. Nice hike. A lot was shaded and close to water. Worth hiking up to the end. Bring plenty of water. Finding the start of the trail was a little confusing because it's thru a golf course.

I live here and while it is great to have such a huge space to be able to roam about, the trail can't even be called a hike. More like a place to just get some energy out of the way while being outdoors. There is no real views especially in the summer because everything is dead and it is very hot. All in all if you're down for a nice walk this is the place but if you want an adventure look elsewhere.

Did the first part of the trail! Nice view from the top.

We've hiked and bikes this trail. It has a variation of sights and is always a pleasure. Make sure to bring water in the summer as shade is sparsely available

first hike this week looking forward to to morning early at 5:30 am at Bidwell Park

this is a great trail in Chico, No shade on the trail, so bring a lot of water, a hat and avoid in the afternoons during the hot months (personal experience). You start out with quite a number of people but the crowds drop off as you go farther and higher. I've done it several times, this last time we saw 4 deer which was nice. I've come across a baby rattler on the path in the past, so beware.

I have lived in Chico for 26 years and love it and Bidwell Park, but the best time to hike these trails is in the spring. The summer is hot and dusty (I've posted a couple of pics) and this park gets many visitors.

We "saw" 2 bucks.

Great hike. Very dusty in July. We did some 2 bucks around 10 in the morning, we also saw some interesting scat. Bring lots and lots of water! A water filtration device is not a bad idea for the creek to refill as it was around 93 with 2 miles left to go. There is very little shade. We did see a couple Mountain Bikers.