Have you ever wanted a local place where you can relax and unwind after a stressful week? Those mountain trips are great, but who needs another long drive? Well, here in your own city we have Wilderness Park. This park is conveniently located in the San Gabriel Mountains at the top of Highland Oaks Drive. A peaceful place that is great for families, small groups and even individuals. Wilderness Park has a nature center with many animals on display and a pond to enjoy. Come out and take pleasure in the wonders of nature that are located in your own backyard.

Great hike and very physically demanding specially if you carry more than 15 lbs. the waterfall is currently dried up due to the severe drought. Be very careful, I had a scary encounter with a black bear and her cub. The black bear stalked me and I thought she was surely going to charge. I was by myself so I made a lot of noise and eventually I had to climb up to once of the cement dams that was nearby. The black bear lost interest after that but it was definitely scary. Overall great hike thought!

Nice 5 mile hike. Great non-city views. Most of the trail was in the forest with a single file dirt trail. We went on a Sunday afternoon and it wasn't overcrowded as I was expecting.

Just completed this trail less than two hours ago. It was okay for me. Since I've been walking in the woods for most of the time, there wasn't much of a view for me. I'd prefer routes where I can see the sky and mountains and everything beneath them. If you prefer to stay away from the sun, go for this trail.

20 days ago

Challenging in a hot day:)


loved it!!! the falls are barely trickling right now but the views on the way down the mountain are amazing. Me and my children had a great day!!!


What we thought would be 4 miles turned into a 11 mile hike because of a wrong turn. The waterfall was dry. But the work out and views were good .
You need a parking pass we got lucky that we got away with not having one today.

Make sure you catch the cutoff or it turns into an 8+ mile hike. The conditions right now are extremely dry.

Forrest canopy almost the whole way. Very challenging on some spots where you really feel the burn in your legs. Met a small bear and her cub. This is now my favorite trail.

1 month ago

So pretty and your able to jump in the falls it's about 5 feet deep

1 month ago

Great morning hike with friends! Almost all downhill, so the hike back to the car was a little challenge, but nothing too bad! Definitely plan on going back!

This is a great hike, which can be easily done in a few hours. This trail is popular with people, especially on weekends, so be ready to walk to the trailhead. I'd recommend starting this trail by going to the Falls first, which will save you the climb on the road in the way back.

2 months ago

On Saturday July 23, 2016 at 5:30 am I started my hike around 7:am I arrived at ORCHID CAMP. it was very quiet and I was tired because of pain in my leg muscles I decided to rest and eat some boiled eggs I had with me. It took about 5 minutes and I saw a hiker and talked to him and he said is continuing his hiking. I looked at the path was uphill and I decided to go back, as soon as I got to the big fallen tree around 75 feet away there was a big BROWN BEAR looking at me, The bear started coming toward me I was scared did not know what to do but I decided to yell and scream at him. I was lucky because the way the area was located my voice was echoed and seemed I am very large and raised my walking stick. at one point I was thinking this is it and I am going to be eaten by the BROWN BEAR. because of my voice was echoed that saved me and the bear went to the upper path hid behind the bushes. I decided to come back and all the way I told all the other hikers about my encounter with the BROWN BEAR. On the way back I was making more noise than before because I was alone.

My biggest lesson was do not ever go alone in the hike again and be prepared in case of it happens again.

Great hike, although I have run across a snake once or twice. Bring water. Not for little kids although our puppy does ok up to about first water! Not a lot of parking for out-of-towners. One of my favorite hikes I do it about once a week.