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In Anthony Chabot Regional Park visitors can explore miles of beautiful hiking, riding, and bicycling trails through grasslands, chaparral, and shady eucalyptus groves or along the shores of Lake Chabot.

Don't think too much !!!

Just go and see tomorrow what you can get there.

13 days ago

We live about a half mile away and frequently walk a portion of this trail. There's construction work midway on the west side of the lake through 2017 that blocks the route, but the open sections are still very pleasant. My wife and I have walked it in all seasons as a lot of the trail is paved. It can very crowded or very empty depending on the day of the week and time. If you're looking for a quiet hike away from the crowds, then this isn't the hike for you. However, this works for an easily accessible hike with a nice lake view and wildlife.

This is a nice place to take a picnic. When you get to the meadow there are picnic tables and a beautiful open space full of green grass and beautiful wild flowers. Go in the spring. Its the best time to see it. Diring the summer they allow campers with horses to camp in the meadow. Very horse and dog friendly. But keep your dog on a leash so it doesnt roll around in cow patties which there are a lot of.

Couldnt complete the loop. Cut off due to construction. but Nice hike. Nice park area.

Nice little trail with some good connectors away from Chabot's asphalt walkway.

Nice walk if you don't mind the asphalt sections. best if you don't do it in the middle of summer as some of the lake gets a little stagnant. The trails to the west and the north are much better. It was a one timer for me. Been there....did that. Much better area to bike rather than hike.

Great 8 mile 2-1/2-3 hour hike!

2 months ago

Lots of hiking trails and options for difficulty. Beautiful region all together. Lots of people by the lake which can be cool but again lots of option to go up in the hills.

Very well maintained trails alot of shade which made it perfect for a mid day hike in late July!

on Lake Chabot Trail

3 months ago

3 months ago

- I must add that currently you cannot do the entire loop trail- They have a section of it closed off for the Dam project until summer of 2017.
It was a pleasant hike that you can really add some good miles to with all the side trails that are interconnected. Also, on these side trails, other people are few and far between, making for a more secluded experience.

go on a cool day to walk the loop

4 months ago

Beautiful! Sun and shade and great views!

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4 months ago

Not a hard trail, lotsa folks hiking, so gotta stay pretty casual. It's closed off so you can not go around whole lake, fun fact. It's a nice trail though, get away and hike or bike. Dogs are ok on leash. It's close to home so we go more often.

Local goodie!! Has substantial parking and many branch off trails! Can get a bit hot so bring sun screen and plenty of water!

Great weather for a run today

Some nice spots but not the most scenic. It's a fire trail. Convenient but Redwood is nicer. Definitely gets hot! Bring water.

4 months ago

I wished I read the review before I went. Part of trail was closed and it won't open until next year. So my attempt to walk around the lake was cut short. I also went during the Memorial Day weekend so street parking was full. There is a $5 parking fee at the Marina entrance.