1 month ago

Great place for hiking, fishing ans relaxing, unfortunately the lake lost lots of water and its beauty because of the draught !!!! Very sad. We still had a good time and were fortunate to see couple of dears !!

I had a great time today, beautiful Lake and beautiful view.

5 months ago

Great time! Sorry to see how much the lake has receded because of the drought.

6 months ago

This are is rarely travelled, serious backcountry. Water was scarce on our hike but not too hard to find. Lots of Bear sign and tracks in this area, recommend bear bells and pepper spray just in case. Trail is light to not existent so plan on trail blazing. Map and compass is recommended.

Good , try early morning when it's cool and breezy

1 year ago

Nice trail got to see a water creak It was amazing, at the beginning it look like there was no water but if you are persistent you will find it hade a good tome with my wife and dog

2 years ago

great river fishing awesome at night the fish glow in the dark. not to mention the night ski!!!