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The Angeles National Forest offers natural environments, spectacular scenery, developed campgrounds and picnic areas, swimming, fishing, skiing and the solitude of quiet wilderness areas. Trails winding throughout the forest accommodate hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers and off-highway vehicle enthusiasts.

Hiked up to the Mt. Baldy Summit via Devil's Backbone trail and there is snow off and on going up the trail. Micro-spikes not mandatory but bring them if you have them especially if you plan on exiting via the Baldy Bowl Trail.

I began at 8:45am & hiked about 3.2 miles in before the trail became too icy & steep that it seemed a little unsafe to continue. Gusty winds made it more challenging also. Beautiful hike from desert up to the forest as you near the summit. I've completed this hike earliest this year even though it was also inclimate weather with clouds, no rain thoth but felt like you were IN the clouds. Very worth it. plus you're on the Pacific Crest Trail!

It's a great hike for beginners going to moderate.

I enjoyed the fresh air & the sound of the stream so relaxing

Hidden gem! I would say "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations ". This is the one.

Great hike, great views

Started to hike this trail but it was steep and i'm too old to do steep anymore.

hiked this again on thanksgiving day (11/24/16) and it was beautiful but slow going - there was ice on the trail about a mile in, and then as soon as we got into the pine section (halfway up), the ice became foot-deep snow and only got thicker as you get up to the saddle on the last stretch to the summit. even postholed a couple times but it was only up to the knees (i'm a short person). the peak itself didn't have too much snow, you could even still see the gravel and dirt beneath. Also, someone had stolen the flag boo. Since it's rained even more post-thanksgiving, I'd definitely recommend at least bringing microspikes or stabilicers for your shoes, and snow baskets for your trekking poles if you have them (i unfortunately left mine at home, since i underestimated the amount of snow there'd be). oh, and a headlamp if you're not fast and you start kinda late like we did, it gets dark about 4.30/5 - luckily we had lights on :)

12 days ago

don't see Valley Forge on map? Went and rain may have washed out trail to westfork. Had to stay at Valley Forge. good learning lesson to get a real topo before heading out for the trip.

Thanks to the cruel reviews and there were just a few reviews on this trail .. I had to go see myself and all I can say is brutal steep on 45degree angles at one point and those yucca plants penetrates you like needles.. but we made it 11 of us started together at 5:30am all the way to the summit made it all together to the star point at 3pm it was 15 miles 10 hrs weather help a lot a little rain hail and some snow flakes.. wind was just perfect to keep us cool of our own body heat . I am amaze of how difficult is this trail... IRON MOUNTAIN HAS BEEN CONQUERED thank you LORD.. 11/26/16

Great trail, it's well maintained for most of the hike and is pretty clearly marked. Just make sure you save the main turn points so you don't get confused! It's a hike and a history lesson! Took me around 4:30 for the whole trail having to park outside the gate to the road because it doesn't open til after 6am

I recommend trekking poles for this hike because there are portions where it is wet year round because of small feeder creeks crossing the trail. There are also some quite tall steps up and down where the poles help a lot. The elevation gain is constant but really picks up in the last half mile. It is also quite cold in November because most of the trail doesn't get any sun. A few places exist where the trail isn't really clear so be careful not to end up off trail by accident.

My wife and I did this hike yesterday and we were really impressed. Gorgeous walk through a shaded canyon that follows a stream. The Gabrielino trail then climbs and you ascend above the tree lines to massively panoramic vistas of the mountains before dipping back down again to a juncture that can take you toward Bear Canyon or back up the stream to Switzer Falls and then back to the initial picnic area. Will be back numerous times no doubt.

Really nice hike, the whole area is beautiful, slight incline going all the way up nothing difficult, kids use this trail, however there are several other trails right nearby if you want to get into something. Also the mine itself is a great bit of history, I saw about 6 deer while on the way up, really cool experience, watch from far away don't disturb them if you see some. One con to the area, nothing to do with the trail, people cant seem to handle the responsibility of waste disposal properly, so I would suggest putting a trashcan halfway up the trail for the lazy people trashing it up.

14 days ago

Hiked Thanksgiving day 2016. The hike was beautiful the entire way, the stream played the soundtrack nicely for the first leg of the hike and when you start going up the switchbacks turn and look back down the canyon or up to the peaks to get some good pictures. Just be careful as the trail gets narrow and there aren't any railings for protection. I get a little nervous when I see kids on this section or when meeting other hikers as many people don't follow proper trail etiquette. Had a little ice on the trail close to the saddle but a few moments of being cautious and I didn't slip. This was different from a spring hike where there was ice and snow early on and I didn't make it to the saddle due to bad trail conditions. Turned up to Timber Peak where there are some fantastic views. This is a great trail, those who do the upkeep in the trail have done a fantastic job. I'm sure the weather doesn't make it easy.

it was a great hike i will definitely do it again

14 days ago

One of the easiest trails Iv'e been on. Wildlife is definitely here. I almost always manage to spot a snake or two, and plenty of lizards. Weekends and holidays are always packed with hikers.

Not a bad hike, just a lot more rocks than expected. Plenty of shade so if you go on a cold day, wear the right clothing.