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The Angeles National Forest offers natural environments, spectacular scenery, developed campgrounds and picnic areas, swimming, fishing, skiing and the solitude of quiet wilderness areas. Trails winding throughout the forest accommodate hikers, equestrians, mountain bikers and off-highway vehicle enthusiasts.

7 hours ago

Nice track, recommended!

cross country skiing
7 hours ago

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on Devils Canyon

9 hours ago

Nice and clean hike love it.

Always my favorite hike...I've posted more of an over all opinion 10 months ago, if your interested. BUT I just want to remind every one IF YOU PACK IT IN PACK IT OUT!!!!.....That includes your peepee paper, dog poop, your poop, and tampon applicators! If you can remember to pack TP you can toss in a few bags to pick it up and pack it out....for goodness sake PLEASE PEOPLE...this is not your or your dogs personal bathroom!!!!!

21 hours ago

nice views .

PLEASE READ my gf and I did this hike today 1/14/2017. The recent storms have really beaten this trail up. There was trees, boulders, and a lot of debris on the trail. Please make sure you have sturdy hiking boots/shoes and a gps/phone with you. We would have gotten lost without the AllTrails app and gps. We are somewhat advanced hikers. The little streams and dry beds are all rivers now. The trail in some places is practically gone or covered in trees and debris. If you like technical hikes, this is for you. It's not that hard, but can be tricky/dangerous in some places. Lots of fun.

A great hike if you're looking for a good workout, with fewer hikers along the way, and awesome mountain views from up high. My Garmin watch tracked it at 9 miles total (that includes the .5 miles from the parking to where the trail begins ascending). Took 4.5 hours to complete at a steady pace and with 30 minutes of resting.

I've done this trail 3 times, including the time I completed the strenuous Iron Mountain, of which this path is the "easy" first 4 miles of the 7 miles to the peak. I would still rate this as difficult and not a trail I would casually take someone new to hiking or that's not somewhat fit... for that, Bridge to Nowhere is what most people drive here for.

But if you're looking for an uphill challenge that rewards you with scenic feedback the higher you go, try this hike. Be aware that a good portion of the hike is along the ridge and therefore in direct sunlight. I've managed well with 2 liters of water on a cloudier Winter afternoon. Have fun!

I did this back in August of 2016, forgot to write a review. I saved this one for middle of summer knowing it would be one place i could hike and stay cool. Perfect weather, a tad warm but still 20 degrees cooler then the cities, I went another 5 miles and back from where this map shows to Thrall peak. AND that 5 miles was fantastic, hard but worth every step, Lots of Deer, a fox, and many other critters, no humans, and amazing scenery.

4 days ago

Really nice little hike that is quiet and nature-y. Went after the rains, so the creek/river was full - be prepared to get your feet wet!

This is a really secluded and easy trail to hike once you find the trailhead. I went this past Saturday, January 7, and the trail was very pretty and green. Be careful if you go after rainfall because it was and can get very slippery on some of the rocks you have to hike on to get to the waterfall. Some of the more recent reviews have a very good description on locating the trailhead. Good luck, be safe, and have fun!

Great trail with awesome views, however the trail is difficult to follow at times. Be sure to check out a map before starting.

6 days ago

Ive hiked Mt Islip about 4 times now during summer and winter. Ive done it 2 times from the Islip Saddle (which is the saddle on the angeles crest highway) and done it twice from the Crystal Lake Recreational center. IMO the crystal lake approach is waaay better than the islip saddle area. Elevation gain from crystal lake is 2,450 ft and 6.6 rt miles. Elevation gain from Islip saddle is about 1,500 ft and 7 miles rt. This is a great hike it's essentially a lower elevated version of Mt Baden Powell. During the winter you can expect a lot of snow on the northern side of Islip since its shaded, so be sure to take crampons and hiking poles as there are several spots on the trail were slipping can be easy to do. Overall good hike above 8,000 ft.

Loved it! Beautiful views