This is the perfect spot to relish nature in our own backyard. There are so many types of birds and mammals all around, and even the occasional rattler. The river is conveniently located for skipping rocks, and a trip in January may net you the intoxicating smell of Paperwhites that were planted when the property was private owned. This is a staple in our repertoire and perfect for everyone in our family.

Great for kids,, it's just long enough for them to get a little tired and for mom & dad to get a workout. Also has a nature center that awesome for the kids to see the animals that could be out along the trail..

Lots of wildlife. Great for walking with kids of all ages.

Nice beginning trail w/ plenty of shade. Lots of wildlife around. And there's benches here & there that I got 2 rest @!!!

Great little nature walk for kids.

Nice family trail. Kids of all ages will enjoy. Saw little toddlers to teenagers out there. Go in the fall and have turkeys come right up to you. Go off the path a little and enjoy the river.

It's an alright hike great for beginners young children and the elderly. there is a- nature center with a triple pokestop and a couple of gyms along the main trails. $5 entry fee for the whole park.

Very nice beginners hike. You can find a lot off trails off the beaten path,

Trail walked around a golf course. While it was nice, it wasn't the seclusion we were hoping for. Entry is $5

8 months ago

Great, family friendly and lots to see

8 months ago

Great trail, saw awesome wildlife, easy with plenty of options on length. Awesome views of the river.

Used to go on these trails all the time as a kid, my grandfather would take my sister and I. We had a ton of fun watching all the wildlife and spending time with family. Just went there again recently after being out of state for 9 years. Have to say it hasn't changed a bit!! Still fun and beautiful, very clean and easy trails. Really love this place, it has a very special spot in my heart!

9 months ago

Very beautiful

Perfect for my 2 year old:)

I came here to go hiking but they do not allow dogs...

Amazing trail. My kids love it.
Unfortunately dogs are not allowed in the nature walk? But overall we had an amazing time :)

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