don't go when it's hot. no shade anywhere. if you walk around right there are signs everywhere that say the area is closed. but if you go left from the parking lot there are no signs at all.
bring lots of places to rest or go to the bathroom except at the parking lot.. it's about a good 4 mile walk if you follow the circle.

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11 months ago

Muddy... Also, didn't know that it would be hunting season until the end of the month...I was startled when two men shot at some birds flying by. I was surprised as to how close they were allowed to be to the pedestrian path... Those bullets have got to come down at some point:(

on Alviso Slough Trail

1 year ago

Wonderful, make sure you go around sunset so you can walk out and see the sun set over the hills and reflect in everything. Lots of mud so don't go when it's just rained !!

1 year ago

A relatively easy semi-long distance hike due to no real elevation changes. We did it twice and once you are past the "stinky' section, its quite peaceful and lots of birds! Since it is a loop, I recommend going counterclock along the New Chicago Marsh to get past the stinky section and return along Guadalupe River.

It's not the most beautiful place to hike... It's very rough and stunk... But if you are creative, the landscape feels like another planet.

2 years ago

Just back from this trail. I loved it. I did it as a solo walker - like some others on here - my longest 'real outdoor' walk. There are no signs once you are on the trail so I did get the feeling initially that I was walking to San Fransisco! Firstly, it's flat, which for me is something of a treat. Secondly, despite not being the slightest bit interested in birds, I was amazed at the variety that was there. I think I saw an albatross but I could be wrong. I was there when the gates opened about 8am and the whole loop took me about 2.5 hours.

My mistakes: I didn't take sunscreen because I assumed the bay would be fogged out. It wasn't. Also, consider a hat. There is no shade (not that I was expecting any) and take plenty of water; if the sun is high in the sky, you really don't want a sunburnt head or a bit of the old sun stroke.

Apart from the muted honk of the Amtrak trains and the airport, it was silent apart from the birds. Don't do this walk if you have ever been scared of Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. There were two enormous crows that seemed to be following me, and several hissy geese. For the most part, the gulls just appeared mildly perturbed that I had interrupted their breakfast and I felt incredibly apologetic when interrupting the copulation of various ducks. About 3/4 of the way round there is a big old chunk of wood that's perfect for a bit of a sit down.

For me, I'd have liked it cooler, but the walk was gorgeous and I will be doing it again. Plus - 9 miles before lunch - result!

This was probably my longest hike...definitely the longest done solo. It was a challenge but an enjoyable one due to photo opportunities. I only met a group of three hikers and two bikers during the entire hike. Birds on the other hand were countless, and more types than I have ever seen in one place. Additionally, I encountered a brave ground squirrel that was quite cool with being photographed, and a not-so brave bunny. Among the birds were pelicans, egrets, ducks, geese, ravens, seagulls and a few others I didn't know the names of. The wind was coming from the East and there was no smell at all. The downside was that wind did bother my ears at a few points during the hike, and by the end, around 6pm, got rather strong - I would suggest bringing headphones if hiking alone and I regretted not bringing any as I'd prefer to listen to music instead of only wind for 4 hours. The trails definitely get your shoes dusty so be ready for that; all 9 miles are flat so there is no climbing involved unless you climb the few feet down to the water. Make sure to bring plenty of water and if doing the whole 9 miles (there are a couple shortcut points to make the hike what I'd estimate at 2, 5 and maybe 7 miles) bring some snacks too. Last, but not least, wear sunscreen as there is no shade anywhere along the way. For me the temperature was around 65F, I was not hot due to cool wind, but I don't think I'd venture out there past 70F regardless.

4 years ago

This place is good for long flat way running other than that it is not good. Some places it is smelling badly. Even if there is bit of sun don't go In to the trial it is about 9 miles, not even a single tree no change in the environment. No place to sit . If there is rain four or five days back I suggest not to go there. It is muddy in many places .

Not a lot of people, good parking, great water view.

It's a 9 mile loop ; pretty flat; but if you go early in the morning, you can find a lot of pelicans, egrets, blue herons, etc.