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Alum Rock Park is located in a canyon in the Diablo Range foothills on the east side of San Jose. The park offers 13 miles (21 km) of trails, varying from fairly level along Penitencia Creek to sharp switchbacks climbing to the ridges to the South Rim Trail and the North Rim Trail. The narrow floor of the canyon includes a visitor center, picnic areas, a playground, and sand volleyball pits.

This was my 3-year olds first hike. I'm from San Diego where most hikes are desert (full sun, no trees) and so this beautiful hike with all the trees and the fact we saw deer gets this hike 5 stars! My son made it to the top. I'm so proud. He asked to be carried one time but that lasted about 10 minutes and then he wanted to walk/explore on his own.

Great views of the hills and city.
The South Rim switchback (eastmost part) is currently closed because of a landslide. Looks like you could walk over it but I just turned back as the signs recommended.
Parking is $6 for a day.

Wonderful views of San Jose and off-roading was nice

1 month ago

Lots of hikers at the bottom and top of trail. Long climb up on open hillside. Fun ride back down hill. Views of San Jose.

Good for beginners

Quick climb up to rewarding views of silicon valley! Has a few benches and a scope at the top