Not my favorite place to go but if you have a dog it's a great place to take him or her. You can get a decent work out in if you repeat a few hills. Not many trees and all he grass is pretty much dead.

on Alston Park Loop Trail

3 years ago

Really great for dogs!!

4 years ago

Pretty good for a quick one--have to repeat some hills if you really want a workout. BUT, if you don't love dogs, get ready for the proliferating smell of dog poop. Yeah, leash requirement grossly ignored in non-dog areas. Be nice if the dogs could stay to their side or owners keep them on leash so they can see what gifts their poops leave.

5 years ago

I absolutely love this hiking on this trail. It is nestled between two wineries, beautiful mountains with great views of the city of napa/yountville :)

This park has a fenced area for dogs to play in as well as dog/non-dog trails.