trail running
12 days ago

Has a few tricks here and there but I like the hills. They aren't too extreme. I think it's a great running trail for those mornings.

Best in GH

Its great for jogging while hiking. A few sprints here and there !

2 months ago

okay hike. good for a leisurely stroll. not much to see

3 months ago

Great for just a quickie of a walk or a full days excursion. Many parts of the trail offer decent shade, and each section's trails have different views and landscapes!

4 months ago

Did Aliso Canyon on a day reaching into the mid to high 90s. Maybe not the best idea. You can hike a good portion of this trail shade to shade but the sun was really intense. Cut my hike short because the later portions of the hike has little shade. Breeze was in my face heading back so that was nice.

6 months ago

My favorite since i was a kid

nice smooth trail for biking

mountain biking
7 months ago

Fun place to ride on MTB

Good hike!

Great rainy day hike. Lots of hummingbirds, rabbits and squirrels. Couple of small water crossings but very easy to manage.

Luv it

11 months ago

This place is a great get gem. Love taking my pup and getting a out without traveling too far from home.

walked lower trail, large paved path. very easy.

1 year ago

On the Aliso Canyon Trail - trash dumped on the side of the hills destroyed the serenity of the area.

...Don't dump Trash on the side of the hills people... that's why we can't have nice things....

Limekiln Trail is better in my opinion. When you enter at Rinaldi, a pull up bar on the left and exercise bars on the right side starts your warm up routine before treading on the trail. Further down you'll get to a small creek crossing and towards the middle part of the trail is a shaded bench area where you can enjoy the peacefulness of your surroundings.

An easy trail which me and my 10 yr old son enjoyed.

The hillside trash dump at Aliso Canyon is the reason I gave it 2 stars, other than that a safe and good place to burn some calories.

1 year ago