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The views were great. The hike was nice at the beginning of the hike we went down and that was nice but hard on our way back especially because there was no shade and I was tired. I would definitely do this hike again. The park at the top is beautiful.

Better than expected!

It was a beautiful hike. We started at Alta Laguna Park and went on West Ridge, Roc k-it, Cayote Run, Dripping Cave, Wood Canyon, Meadows, and Aswut Trails. The last part was through the residential area on Alta Laguna Boulvard. I believe it was around ten miles. We saw dears, coyotes and a snake.

12 days ago

Such perfect views, amazing trail. Pretty good workout .. best views from the top!

This hike is really easy to get to. It's flat the entire way pretty much. Make sure to bring sunscreen because it can get very hot! On the way in there's not much shade to cover from the sun. Also, the creek at this trail is dry now and so it's not as lush as some of the pictures show, but it's still a beautiful cave.

Great easy trail, good workout!

20 days ago

Trail is easy, great for kids ... just watch out for all the bikers. Once you get off the main trail it becomes even more enjoyable and better shaded.

28 days ago

Awesome, easy trail with some nice views. Great for dogs and catching up with a friend!

Great views!

First part of train is ok but once you get off the road is great! Great views, easy to walk, lots to see!

Awesome hike! Excellent workout . At one point, I must admit, I was beginning to wonder if it was called the trail of tears...I almost cried going up that hill lol The end result was well worth it. Gorgeous views! I will do it again with my honey!

Excellent hike if you can make it all the way to Laguna Canyon close to 10 miles

love this loop. 7 miles of mostly flat running with the addition of a moderately challenging hill climb and rolling hills along the ridge. spectacular views from the ridge as well.

Steep. Don't go if knee issues otherwise the view is worth it

1 month ago

Dude, this is an AMAZING hike. LOVE this trail and always enjoyed the journey as much as the destination. Yeh, it's short and steep in sections and some people run up and others walk slowly taking breaks along the way. Standing on the top is totally style no matter what your mood, time of day, the weather, or alone or with good company. Headed down, suggest to stop and smell the wild fennel...ha. Keep walking down the street and hit Papa's Tacos too. If I have time, I'm going across the street to Table Rock Beach. So grateful to be here and be alive. #CountingBlessings.

Great option for trail running.