trail running
12 days ago

Great hike! Trail was nice. Weather is nicest in the morning.

trail running
25 days ago

First time on Wild Horse. Did a run/walk for 6 miles and walked it back in. No Wildlife visible during my adventure. Was very dry, thankful that I had a good cloud clover. On the way back in I got a steady drizzle for 10-15 minutes and then warmed back up again. Great trail, would do it again.

You have to walk into and all the way to the rear of a campground to find the trail head.

$5 needed for parking unless you are able to snag 1 of the 4 free spots.

Did this trail 9/24/16. It started off kind of cold, so I had a beanie and a sweatshirt for warmth. took a camelbak with 3L,100oz of water + a bottle of smart water. The trail was well marked. I always take a compass and a map just for the sake of having an idea where I'm at and how far I have to go. I took two Cliff bars and some trail mix. The temp went up to 91f at mid day. It's one of those trails where you look at a turn and you think you reached the top then you realize there's another hill to climb. getting half way up you already have nice view to the north and NE. Once you get to the top there is a better circumferential view. With proper planning you can go to the McGee trail to Wild Horse Trail and head back down. You can go to Eagle Crag and if you're courageous enough you can make it to the Palomar State Park but that would take planning and enough water and food. Private property may prevent that from happening. I came back down dripping springs trail after taking about a 20 minute rest. It took 8 hours and 15 minutes. I ran out of water at approximately 1 mile before reaching the trailhead. I suggest that you are ready for 8 hours of trekking , have more food than you think is just enough, have at least 4L of water and drink according to the length of the trip. I gave a bottle of smart water to someone that was returning and only had 1L of water remaining, he was by himself. I don't think this is for the beginner, it's for the intermediate and more experienced. Not very much shade, take sunscreen and good hiking shoes/boots. Enjoy!!

Great trail. For an uphill hike it was no trouble the entire way. Very quiet and uncrowded the day I was there, which is getting pretty difficult to find almost anywhere in Southern California these days. I took the dogs with me and they loved it. Beautiful views which make for terrific pictures. Check this one out.

it's a nice and easy hike (if you're already a regular hiker). I took my dog with me today and we only went for about an hour to check it out. Great views once you make past the switchbacks. once you get to the top it heads straight up the mountain, but I didn't go that far. definitely plan on doing it again and working my way through the end.

Hiked 5 miles in in the heat of the day and turned around after we realized the trail seemed like it was never going to end and we were running low on water. Great hike with nice views.

Great hike, we were at the trailhead at 6:15, which is a must for a summer hike. It took us just over 6 hours for the out and back. Great views of Temecula and Vail Lake on the ascent and if you walk a bit passed the Magee-Palomar trail crossing at the top, you will get views to the west. (All the way to the coast on a good day) It was 98 degrees by the time we finished. We each brought 3 liters of water and it almost wasn't enough. Definitely bring a lot of water if you're trying to do the whole trail.

This is our first hike on the west coast. We went on a very hot day (97 degrees) and only made it 20 mins into the hike. Steep hike up with a pretty view. It definitely got our heart rates up. I would like to try this hike again on not so hot of a day. There is zero shade and lots of dust.

4 months ago

I really enjoyed it. Did 8 miles in&out.
Trail is very narrow slightly rocky so trail shoes is a must. Beautiful views. I would say half sun/shaded. Definitely worth the drive from Menifee.

4 months ago

12.8 miles is an understatement.....the full loop is 20.1 miles. Brings tons of water! My camelback was empty with 5 miles to go, a pretty uncomfortable feelings. Starting on the right trail it's a tad bit more challenging than the left. But nonetheless, my favorite local hike. Beautiful, scenic, and not too much trail traffic. Took 8.5 hours total.

The location on this map is completely wrong. Not very good we wasted an hour on that. Is this is the info I can expect from the app I'm on to the next app.

Great one night backpacking trail. Started up Dripping Springs Trail at noon. Camped at junction of Palomar McGee and Wild Horse Trail w/beautiful views. Went down Wildhorse as sun rose and finished at 11am.

5 months ago

BRING LOTS OF WATER! You are constantly in the sun on this hike and it is a pretty steady steep climb. I brought 32oz and had to use it sparingly by the end. fantastic views and well worth at least hiking 5.2 miles to the peak and seeing the view of all the mountaintops, Vail lake, and much more.

There were even a few places to camp off the trail that have great views. I will be back

Excellent hike in Southern California with good elevation and excellent views. Seeing the TEMECULA valley from this perspective is unique. The best part is creating the initial peaks and dropping into the green valley before heading up to Palomar mountain. Amazing views not obtainable except on the trail.

Pretty good trail to train on. The sun is a factor, and it has a decent grade. It's all single track with rocky terrain, so no mountain bikers. I saw a snake on the trail ( harmless) and a raven circled over me on my way back. There were also flowering plants on the trail with some good views towards the top. When you get to the top it intersects with another trail which is another 10 miles I think. If you turn around at that point it will be s 14 mile hike. It costs $5 to park if you don't have an adventure pass, but it's a good trail to train on.