Nice little trail that ends at a sea cave! Make sure you check tidal charts, as trail is under water at high tide. Lot of rock scrambling!

So beautiful, and who doesn't love having such easy access to the beach!? :)

Love this trail. Nice to do with the family.

A gentle walk over sand and rocks. Fantastic tide pools. Ideal and 5 stars if you have children...a fun family learning experience.. Some very fun caves.

Great for family, not such a hard walk but, it's not so fun when the tide is high.

Fun beach and the harbor is better. Lots to see and explorer. Makes for a great family day.

Absolutely love this hike - but it can be hell on your joints. Either you're walking on soft sand or over wobbly rocks, but you really cannot beat the views. So beautiful! Just remember to look up once in awhile.

No dogs allowed on the hike, unfortunately we had driven over an hour to check it out. So, my hubby and boys hopped over the pebbly path toward the cave and tide pools
while the dog and I climbed over the boulders that made up the jetty. Overall, it was a beautiful outing.

2 years ago

Great sunset spot!

3 years ago

My favorite hike anytime of the year....

5 years ago

Beautiful beach. I love the secret coves and cave over here. Plus free parking at strands!!