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Nice hike, plan on crowds though, everyone knows about it and this time of the year, it's a little over packed with people. If you go in the spring, less crowded. and early. But so worth the hike and the views of the colors and the rock formations. Great hike! Was easy but slight climb the last quarter mile out.

This was my first hiking experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I took my 17 yo son and 5 month old dog and it was perfect. Not too long and so much to see and explore. Be careful for the drop offs. If you don't pay attention, you can fall several feet off the side. That's probably why they want dogs on a leash. This trail was perfect for us beginners. I'm hooked.

The hike is okay but the view at the end is worth it. A must do in the area.

We loved the small caves under the trail! It is short enough that you will want to go on the other trail that is next to this one. The 2 of the trails together made for a great hike with beautiful waterfalls.

Great trail with beautiful waterfalls! You definitely need to pair this trail with the Pedestal Rock trail since they are so short.

A breathtaking view all along the bluff side of the trail! I won't lie, taking my children with me on this one was fun, but very stressful. There are many places where a misstep will lead to certain death. The bluffs have lots of holes and crevices making them very fun to play/climb on, but with much caution. My son was five when we hiked this trail, and I had him on a kid leash (which he hated). This is a very easy hike with one steep valley and a beautiful little creek. We did lose the trail returning, and upon topping a steep hill, came out on another road (not the one with the trailhead where we parked). That was a bit unnerving, but we eventually found our way to the car.

the hike in is worth it, the hike out is a lot of up hill, but really a great hike

Great place! Very unique.

Great hike but not for small kids or people unsteady on their feet. Vista was beautiful!!

Pretty easy hike. There are plenty of places to park. The waterfall at the end was not really flowing due to lack of rain. But it was still an excellent hike, will go back in the spring. Unfortunately there was also trash.

came during fall and beautiful trail. Easy to walk. :)

Needed some trail maintenance done, but the scenery was spectacular.

Make sure to start the trail at the beginning of the lake and not in the actual rec center. Like the person below me said, it's $5 if you start in the rec center but free if you start outside that area.

I was not clear on the location of the trailhead either, then discovered a nifty use for the AllTrails app: when you think you're near it, go into the app to record your hike (it won't start recording yet, don't worry). It will bring up a GPS map showing the trailhead and also where YOU are. Turns out we had to drive about a 1/4 mile back the way we came. I wish I had known this a few weeks ago!

The trail is easy, level, and has great views of the lake, and lots of wildlife. The waterfall was just a trickle today, but lovely nonetheless. This would be a prime hike for fall colors in a few weeks, or for unobstructed views in winter. Otherwise, it's a pleasant jaunt in the National Forest, fun with a dog, and more than worth the short drive if you live in Fayetteville or other nearby town.

Some clarification: access to the Recreation Area is not allowed before 10am, they do ask for $5 from you for use of the area, and your dog is not welcome. *** The trail is NOT in the recreation area *** so none of these strictures apply.

I've been spoiled by usually being the only person on a trail on any day at any location. Imagine my shock and dismay when we pulled into a FULL parking lot at Pedestal Rocks scenic area! If you venture out here on a weekend, prepare yourself for noisy kids, women reeking of perfume, and shenanigans in the parking lot. But don't let this deter you because Pedestal Rocks is an amazing area.

The trail is easy to follow and not at all difficult. The views are breath-taking. Definitely take the opportunity to check out the base of the bluff. There are some fantastic caves and other rock features that should not be missed.

For all the warnings in Ernst's book and elsewhere regarding danger! everywhere! this area is perfectly safe for dogs and children, provided they are accompanied by a reasonably alert adult.

Great area for hiking and or just enjoying nature.

Trail was great. We carried our kids, and it was easy. Very busy. I wanted to go on the crag and take in the views from the edge but people were picnicking on the crag and there was no room to even walk on it. We waited for almost 45 mins to walk on the crag and get a photo but nobody got up or was finished with their lunch. It was pretty terrible. Crag looked pretty from afar, but too many people.