3 months ago

Very nice trail but needs to be reblazed. We missed the turn and went a mile up the quachita trail before I realized our mistake. 4 miles became 6 miles, still had a great hike.

4 months ago

Fun to hike...whether you want a short family hike, you want to hit Quachita Trail go miles & miles (9 or so) then run off the end of the pier into beautiful Lake Sylvia at the campgrounds. Great for yoga paddle boarding; learning to yak or paddle board or float on tubes with kids or just swimming on the glass of water. Very pretty!

Short trail, good for small kids. Trail is not heavily used and could use a bit of love, but overall OK. There are no picturesque overlooks, just a walk in the woods. Interpretive signs along the trails describe different tree species that are in this forest. Note that the Forest Service trail map indicates that this trail is 0.4-miles in length, but my GPS and a guidebook both indicate the total trail length at 0.6-miles.

5 months ago

Overgrown in many spots; sad to see the trash dumped in the water. Very quiet and peaceful place with lots of crystals along the walkway.

8 months ago

Not easy to follow without this app, resulted in extra 2 miles of hiking. Many overgrown areas, trees down over trail, lots of greenery across trail. Some difficult areas to navigate with rocky inclines. Only saw one other hiker the entire time. Enjoyed ourselves overall.

9 months ago

Not a lot of other hikers out there so that's definitely a plus. There are some better trails in the area though.

Great hike not far from Little Rock. Not well known so hardly any other hikers.

Started at the end of loop a camp sites, around the lake to the dam. Then up the hill to the back side of wildlife loop, then the backside of chinquapin loop to the spur to the overlook. The Chinquapin spur trail is grown up and hard to follow at times, still worth the trek to go to the overlook. The back and hit the ORNT to lake sylvia spur. all in all a good hike.

I took the loop starting at the trail head and headed across the road and looped back around, finishing at the lake. Great hike along the stream. The overlook was grown up and the view was blocked by the trees. Neat view of the lake at the end of the loop. Nice little day hike.

2 years ago

Spur trail to Chinquapin Overlook is getting pretty overgrown in several spots, but views of North Fork Pinnacle and Flatside Pinnacle to west and Pinnacle Mountain to east are well worth it!

Great trail system. Took the trail from the park up to Wildlife Loop, then to the Chinquapin overlook. Great views on this trail. Hiked on a cloudy, foggy morning so didn't get to see the view to its fullest, but I will definitely be back!

3 years ago

Lots of options here. A great trail that can be tough in spots (Chinquapin Overlook), but well worth it. It's nice to have lesser-hiked trails like this in central Arkansas. Will definitely be back.

nature trips
3 years ago

A little ruff as far as the trail signs, etc.... but the lake and campgrounds are just wonderful. This a GREAT little secret and very easy to get to from Little Rock.

I did the hike up to Chinquapin Overlook... HIGHLY recommend.

4 years ago

Great views from Chinquapin Overlook (nice lunch spot)! Eastern segments of Wildlife Loop and Chinquapin Loop are particularly scenic. Segment of Lake Sylvia Loop from Wildlife Loop to dam is a highlight of this trail complex, which is one of our favorites! Looking forward to exploring Camp Ouachita Historic Site next time out. Trees of the Forest Interpretive Trail was more interesting (and longer) than anticipated -- a nice cool-down.

on Lake Sylvia Trail

5 years ago

nice trail with good views, but somewhat demanding footing. Lots of rocks so make sure you have appropriate footwear.