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Devil's Den State Park is nestled deep in Lee Creek Valley, a picturesque setting in northwest Arkansas's Ozarks Mountains, ancient sedimentary mountains renowned for their natural beauty and lush oak-hickory forest. This Ozark valley was selected as a park site in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC used native materials to craft the parks rustic-style wood and stone structures. This work includes an impressive native stone dam that spans Lee Creek in the heart of the park forming peaceful eight-acre Lake Devil. Rental canoes, tandem kayaks, pedal boats, and water bikes are available at the park.

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12 days ago

Lived here over 25 yrs and at first I didn't' like the idea of HWY 220 being all paved but now that most of it is done it is so nice to have a good road to drive to the trails and yes there are plenty of nice trails especially if you are riding horses but beware the trails are marked for ATV so don't expect to find turn arounds early till you are use to the place but it is so awesome thanks to the people that are making this possible and people remember what ever you pack in must be packed out I hate trashy disrespectable people don't let me see you doing it.

I liked this trail a lot. For much of the first half, it follows the creek, with lots of access to it so you can check out all the "flats" and different rock formations. It's an easy hike, and the trail is well-marked. The dog and I hiked the longest option, and I'd recommend the 4-mile Sawmill Loop (the medium-length option). The extra mile added by the Racer's Hill portion isn't anything special (Doc found an armadillo skeleton, so he'd disagree).

Directions get a little murky where the trail joins/intersects the BHT, but it's not too bad. The All Trails app is helpful here, as you can check your location relative to the trail.

Neat little side trail, but a bit treacherous - lots of loose rocks covered by a thick layer of leaves. It's fine, just take a little extra care. The directions above make it very easy to find the cave, which is neat. And there's a little trickle of a waterfall right next to it. Definitely add this to your itinerary if you're in the area.

16 days ago

Starts off amazing and just gets better! This trail is *very* well-traveled, and fairly easy, if a bit steep at the beginning. We had just hiked 6 miles on the Fossil Flats trails, and decided to "cheat" a bit by not hiking the loop - just out to the big overlook and back (ends up being about 2 miles this way). Will definitely return to hike the entire trail soon.

18 days ago

good little trek. pay attention to trail. little washed out but worth the hike down. awesome place

23 days ago

This trail is a bit rough (lots of rocks and fallen trees, hard to find/follow at times), and I wouldn't recommend it if you're just looking for a pleasant stroll in the woods. If you're feeling intrepid, however, you will be rewarded!

The trail starts from the Horse Camp in Devil's Den, and is, in fact, a horse trail. It joins with the Vista Point trail and/or the BHT at times. The trail is well-marked and easy to follow.. except when it isn't. If I hadn't had the dog with me, I would definitely wandered a bit more. He knows exactly where he's going, though, and I had only a handful of frustrating/worrisome moments. The lack of leaves helped a lot, and you may want to consider this horses-only in the summer!

There's a map and description of the trail on the Devil's Den website. We ended up following the trail counter-clockwise (opposite the description), and I would recommend going this way. There are three natural bridges in the area, and Lees Creek is stunning, as are the views from the Holt Ridge Overlook. There are a few small caves to explore as well, and probably some more neat spots on the creek that we didn't get to.

NOTE: you will cross the creek 4 times. I would not try this in high water. Regardless, you're going to get your feet wet on at least two of the crossings.

Nice variety on this trail - big rock formations, woods and stunning views. We hiked to both overlooks with our pups, and everyone was ready for a long nap at the end.

24 days ago

I enjoyed the experience and it was a good challenge! I went in December which is decent weather. I'll go again for sure.

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1 month ago

My first real backpacking trip. Alot of fun but really showed me how outta shape I'd gotten haha.