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Devil's Den State Park is nestled deep in Lee Creek Valley, a picturesque setting in northwest Arkansas's Ozarks Mountains, ancient sedimentary mountains renowned for their natural beauty and lush oak-hickory forest. This Ozark valley was selected as a park site in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The CCC used native materials to craft the parks rustic-style wood and stone structures. This work includes an impressive native stone dam that spans Lee Creek in the heart of the park forming peaceful eight-acre Lake Devil. Rental canoes, tandem kayaks, pedal boats, and water bikes are available at the park.

15 hours ago

Have hiked this trail twice now. Beautiful forest, cool rocks/boulders, very beautiful creeks.

trails were very clear. likelihood of getting lost is minimal.

5 days ago

great trail, great views. a little crowded. well maintained and just difficult enough to make it fun.

Good little trail !


Short, very beautiful views. Well traveled and somewhat crowded trail


10 days ago

Had a great overnight backpacking experience! Went with four of my friends who are all teenagers and my dog during middle of November. We hiked the trail clockwise from Holt road and had to hike into the night a bit. The trail is very well marked with blue diamonds on the trees. Camped at mile 10 after Junction camp. Hit the road the next morning and stopped at mile 13.5-14 to fill up water bottles at Lee Creek. Overall great experience!!!!

10 days ago

Great views, well-marked, and well-maintained.

Very unwell marked for runners- bring a map! It's pleasant along the river though.

Hey guys!
I took my college class at the end of October and we loved it!!
9 total counting me!
We started down in the camp ground and ended back in the camp ground doing it clockwise! I'd say pretty good choice. But then again soon as you leave the camp ground either way; clockwise or counter you'll begin climbing hills! lol which isn't bad!
We camped roughly around the half way point and wasn't to far from the low creek.
(Keep in mind this time of the year: Deer season just began so we saw and heard a few four wheelers nearby at the half way point.).

Tip: camp between mile sign 7 to 9. Reason? -It's level, and a creek is right next to the trail!

We camped by mile sign 9 where an old house site was and an old well! It was a good place, besides the creek being around a 100 yards away.
Mile 9 to 11 was basically up hill. Mile 11 and on was pretty flat and down hill!

Passing by the lake in the camp ground was perfect!! My class went crazy dipping their feet in!
-Adjunct Professor, Mr. Bass

19 days ago

19 days ago

Such a great hike. Very beautiful. I suggest wearing some good hiking boots!

Me and my girlfriend hiked this trail in October. The leaves were just starting to turn and the most of the small creeks were dry so we didn't have to cross water. We hiked the loop counterclockwise. There were a few steep climbs early on but they were short. The trail descends for a few miles towards the end of the trail if you hike CCW. We camped at the rock hole site where the creek was flowing enough to replenish our water for the next day's hike out. The trail is rocky. I would not recommend hiking this trail in anything other than high-top durable hiking boots. Overall the trail is worth the hike as long as you are prepared and in good shape.

Great short hike but pay attention to the area-stop at first open area-look for rock arrow on ground-shows you where path to cave is

1 month ago

Have been here many times, but not with a 3 & 5 year old. They did great even though my stress level was a little high in a few spots along the trail (near the caves). It's as beautiful as ever and will continue to make this a hike that we do often as my boys get older.

1 month ago

amazing. sad that the caves were closed but still understood of why they were. The hubby and i will be back. :)