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18 days ago

3 months ago

No trail signs and this ended up being over a six mile walk. Clearly I wasn't prepared or didn't follow the signs but I will be back again. Great views of little rock and pinnacle.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Very pretty and well worth the hike!

6 months ago

Excellent! Love to see the view here.

8 months ago

trail running
1 year ago

Good trail and great views from the top!

We took our two dogs to Emerald Park today. Hadn't been since I was a teenager in the 80's. It's a beautiful place that not too many people know about. They could definitely make some repairs to fencing and add some trash bins along the way.

This is a nice little trail that zigzags back and forth through the woods. It isn't very challenging and would be good for newer hikers. To get the best views, I think you need to go on the paved trail though.

Love this trail all year round, but especially in fall! It is beautiful and has a great view of the river. Additionally, the back and forth of the trail is fantastic for taking dogs and letting them do a bit of running free.

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2 years ago

This was our second time up here, and this time we biked from the Emerald Park trailhead/parking lot around the paved pathway that goes through the woods and around the edge of the hilltop. Instead of going back along the bike trail, we cut through the VA grounds/Pulaski Tech campus to get back to the trailhead. Riding through the woods was beautiful; definitely stop at a couple of the lookouts there and you will see great views of Pinnacle Mountain and the precipice trail. Once you get out of the woods, there are fantastic views of the Little Rock skyline and capitol in the distance. There are also a couple of places with benches to stop and rest/enjoy the view. All of this part is a pretty easy ride. If you turn around and go back on the bike trail, it will be pretty uphill in the wooded area though. The VA grounds also look like a nice place to ride around and check out the old buildings from Fort Roots.

We did not hike the entire paved road trail on this trip, but we did hike through the woods out to the rocky peninsula/bluffs. It's the trail that goes just behind the gazebo with benches. It's a challenging hike, and very different than most we go on. You need to be on your toes because you are walking on a narrow strip of rocky hillside with a VERY steep drop on both sides. It's fenced in on either side at first, but then the fencing ends part way out. The views are great, and it's definitely a unique experience! There is a bit of climbing/clambering down involved if you want to go out to the furthest point. View of the capitol on one side and Pinnacle mountain on the other. I've seen photos of the bluffs with waterfalls on them, but apparently you have to go *right* after a rain to see that.

Great hike. Uphill going but not too bad.. Got the heart pumping. Great views of the river. Easy hike back down.

4 years ago

This trail begins with a series of switchbacks leading to some impressive bluffs and great views of the Arkansas River and Pinnacle Mountain. The trail (not the paved walkway) passes through a wonderful forest-like area with a seasonal stream, then continues along a rocky path before connecting with a paved road near the residences on the old VA Hospital grounds. Nice views of downtown Little Rock from the southern end of the trail (where there are several benches to relax before heading back). From there, take same route (or paved walkway) back to starting point OR take switchbacks down to connect with River Trail (multiuse) and return to starting point.