One of the most beautiful trails I have ever experienced. While this is listed as a moderately strenuous trail, my children aged 11 and 6 were able to hike the entire thing with no trouble. We like to make many stops, though, to take in everything around us and take pictures, so the entire hike took us about 4-5 hours. We could easily have taken more time - there is so much to see!
When we went, the waterfall was at low water and the creek was not running in most places, and the adventure was still fun and scenic. The small cave was a nice cool-off on an 85-degree day, and the large cave was breathtaking. The fall colors were beautiful.
The way out is steep, and the very last twenty or so steps of the "switchbacks" is a tough scramble on loose soil. You'll get your cardio! On the way down, the trail has lots of large, loose stones, so I would recommend hiking boots or shoes with good ankle support.
I can hardly wait to hike this again when the water is running high.

Has sum great views especially overlook trail on the other side but indian house is beautiful and fun to explore its quite n easy trail either way especially if ya take it slow n stay on trail

Water falls! Dog friendly! Caves! So much to look at!
Only down fall was there was so many spiders.

This trail is a cool place to see a lot of things. The cave, the old quarry, the old abandoned zinc mine, just to name a few. The scenery is great year around.

We loved this trail. Exploring the caves was fun and more than we expected them to be. We saw three types of salamander among other interesting creatures. The river isn't far away so enjoyed cooling off in the water once we were finished hiking. Great hike, will be coming back for more. Highly recommend.

Great hike!

This was a great place to hike, our family had a really great time

Great trail. Took about 2.5 hrs while taking in the sights as well. Should be fun to do on a hot day since the temp in Rockhouse cave drops significantly. Trail is very shaded. Saw very few people while out.

This is about the best trail I've ever been on. I loved the area around the Indian Rock house, the waterfall. Saw only a couple people on the trail but I am sure its crowded in summer. We went weekday May2. Will wait till fall to go again. Sign said no dogs but we took them anyway. Also walked the other trails in park.

Loved it.

Your going to need a particular set of skills for this trail!

Trail is really scenic and well worth the hike.

It's a beautiful hike . Very well maintained. But I would have to say this is NOT an EASY trail!!!! I would rate this moderate.

Amazing hike! Going in we went to
The right as the trail guide suggests. You will actually not notice the left if you're not looking for it. You descend down the mountain and at the base is a water fall it had a small amount of water running at the time. Then you follow Panther creek all the way to a cave in your left that's not the Indian Rockhouse though it's just a cool cave. Keep going you'll see signs for the Rockhouse it's amazing !!!! We hiked up to it explored the cave itself and then had lunch in it. It was cool and inviting after the hike to it. After being well rested we hiked out and up the other side of the loop which isn't as scenically breathtaking and is a good uphill hike. It was worth the effort though I'll definitely go again maybe In the fall

This is an awesome trail! The trail is well worn and taken care of. The hike starts of easy and once you see the waterfall there is a pretty steep walk down. The hike down is not bad and there a lots of neat sights along the way. We went on a Saturday and there was many people hiking the trail. Once we got to the rock house it blew me away how big the opening was. Such a cool sight to see. All the hiking down means a lot of hiking back up! The trip back was much shorter it seemed like but be prepared for a steep climb back to the top. This trail will get your heart pumping! Easily one of the best trails I've been on and I could not recommend it more.

We thought this trail was amazing. it's easy to drive to, to park & easy to hike - though there are several stairs and hills. So many beautiful things to see. The Indian Rockhouse is huge and has a creek and a cave in the back. We didn't see anyone all day. After, we drove about 2 miles down to Buffalo Point for a picnic and enjoy the bluffs along the river. Great area!!

The wife and I went late October 2015 for an early birthday gift. Best hike yet !!!! Waterfall was but a trickle but the weather and fall scenery were Beautiful !!! Bring plenty of water especially in warmer weather. End of trail is worth many return trips. Steep inclines and declines make it an adventurous rout.