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Great views

The hike is definitely worth it if the waterfall is running. The way to the waterfall is easy and basically down hill the entire time. The way back is a different story. It is essentially stair climbing straight up for approximately 2-2.5 miles. I suggest spending time at the waterfall and then even walking the extra half mile-mile down to the Buffalo River to relax before making the journey back up. All in all, the hike is definitely worth it and you feel so accomplished making it back to the top.

scenic driving
14 days ago

Love this whole area.
Love driving the roads around here.
Hope to have a trip like this one again someday !!!

Great hike, awesome cave. needs some markers so you can find the things that are hidden away. other than that, amazing

Beautiful hike with scattered views along the way. Downhill in - Uphill out. This is a challenging trail coming out for those less experienced or conditioned. However, the waterfall is worth the grind. Spend time at the base taking in the great panoramic views and fueling up before the trek back. Highly recommend.

Pretty good hike, a bit difficult if you aren't physically up for the challenge.

28 days ago

Wow. Amazing area. Elise falls wasn't running, but I wasn't expecting more than a trickle. Smith Creek, however, is flowing, and all of the nicest spots here were in their full glory on a clear, sunny day.

This is a great family spot, and it offers a good experience for all types of hikers. Those averse to insects, narrow/obscure trails, and inclines can stick to the main trail (or just stay indoors already) - though the beginning, right from the trailhead is a doozy - those who are a little more intrepid will enjoy hiking the Upper or Lower trails. All should continue on the trail past the picnic table. That's where it gets good!

Beautiful- take all the trails- the Falls are really nice- Thunder Canyon Falls can be tricky after a rain- slick! Devil's Den is quite a sight too

1 month ago

This is not a waterfall in the dry season, still a pretty hike though.

Love this area, take a map or pay close attention to make sure you stay on the correct trail! This trail links up with several others, all of which are great but be prepared for the amount of time it takes to get around on the trail.

Hike is strenuous on the way back but worth it during the wet season

It was a very beautiful hike, but the trip up was more difficult than I thought. Over all a great time though

Absolutely gorgeous trail. Very dynamic, but the scenery is worth it all!

2 months ago

Me and a friend have backpacked this trail along with many of the trails that connect to it. Very fun trail. Easy getting down to the the falls but definitely a climb coming out. Amazing views, definitely better to go after or during a good rain when the falls are really flowing. If you climb up on the shelf behind the falls and follow it too the right it will lead you to the hidden diamond falls Wichita is Def finally worth a look. There are some really cool twisty trees up there