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Did this trail yesterday. Disappointed no falls no water at all maybe bad time of year but what was the most disappointing is the trails are poorly make and you will get lost if you don't stay on the main trail. Ran into other people that were also lost and they had a GPS that said we were on the trail but there was not trail at all. Had to hike up the side of a hill through the woods to relocate trail.

I hiked this trail with my two sons (14 & 11). We parked at the Compton trailhead and headed down into the Hollow. The trail was fairly rugged and had some real scenic vantage points on the way down. The area around the waterfall was very picturesque and there were some real neat boulder formations near the bottom. The waterfall and rock bluff were pretty spectacular, especially for this part of the country. The water had slowed to a trickle but provided a nice cool-down on the warm October Sunday.

We opted to continue our hike to the Buffalo River and then to the Sneeds Creek trail for the return. This nearly doubled the length of the route but made it a nice loop instead of an out & back. The Sneeds Creek Trail crossed the creek at least 3 to 4 times before turning Northeast back towards the trailhead. It also took you by "Granny" Henderson's cabin, a cool landmark.

The trip was not easy and it took us around 6 hours to cover the 8+ miles. I would suggest hiking poles, especially if you have bad knees. One last note, we did come across two timber rattlesnakes and one copperhead along the trail. One of the rattlesnakes was over 3' long but was dead in the middle of the trail. While these were neat to see, it did make me a little uneasy. I'm guessing they may have been active due to the warm fall temperatures.

NO Pets allowed on this trail! The road getting down was intense! The truck did great but I would not suggest taking a low clearance vehicle down there. Quick beautiful "walk" to an awesome waterfall!


Long and not that good

nice little hike with some good up hills. I went in late September and the cobwebs were out of this world-everywhere!! just be mindful if you aren't okay with that type of stuff- does not appear that the travel is well traveled enough to naturally get rid of that :-)

Worth the challenge...great calorie burn!

Road to the falls was accessible with our truck, don't bring a low car, and definitely not on a wet day. no major issues with our GMC Canyon making the trip. Will be bringing my parents back to this one.

Good hike. But husband wants to note the benches are lacking.. most were rotted and fallen apart. Bomber motor was not there. PLENTIFUL copperheads. bathrooms in disrepair. this trail has not had upkeep. don't attempt in warm weather if you are afraid of snakes. we saw them at several different points on the trail. all that being said we will return in cooler weather

VERY easy hike. Will bring my patents to this one.

1 month ago

Although the falls were mostly dry on our visit, this is a great little walk. Family friendly. Other reviews mention much about the road down to the trailhead. I found the road to be in great shape with a 2WD truck and had no problems whatsoever. Just be courteous and yield to uphill traffic when descending to the trailhead. I plan to return again someday after a rain.

Took Compton trailhead in with intent of staying overnight and coming out via Centerpoint. Was unable to find way to Centerpoint so had to return to Compton. Was strenuous both down and out with pack, and was glad to have stick... might have been less strenuous if had proper type of bag. Just pack light as possible and get good tips ahead of time on where you're going ;-) Very beautiful.

1 month ago

Great spot, not a hike more like a very short, flat walk. The road down can be iffy for some vehicles (steep with loose gravel and rock, some potholes).

Excellent hike and trail! Great area as with everything else in the Upper Buffalo and Ozark National Forest area. The hike is entirely downhill to get to the waterfall, and coming back out can be strenuous, especially during hot months and if you're carrying extra gear (photographer warning).

This is 2.5 miles straight down, and 2.5 straight up. Very taxing on the way out, but you get great views of the bluff line along the way. I would go after heavy rainfall so that the falls are even more impressive. The falls are a great place to hang out for a bit. Beautiful scenery.

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2 months ago

This could very easily be one of my all time favorite places. Love it all the time, but especially in the fall with the Elk!