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This trail was a nice loop. Was expecting more from the crash site. People have clearly stolen what was left over the years. The trail takes you up a little climb at first, and then levels out for the rest of the entire bottom loop. You can take some rock steps up to the top loops foe better views, but nothing out of this world. A nice trail, but hasn't been taken care of as far as benches along the trail, and the restroom at the trailhead was horrible. An overall nice trail if you want to get out and stretch your legs and hear highway traffic while doing so. In my opinion, too many other trails in the area are a better way to spend your time.

This trail was a decent little trail. It starts out with some uphill switchbacks, but levels off for most of the lower loop around the mountain. I was a little disappointed with the crash site. I guess I was expecting more remnants to be left, but clearly the scavengers had taken their toll over the years. There is a nice memorial to the servicemen that lost their lives in the crash.
After you complete the lower loop, their are some nice rock steps that will lead you to the upper trails that will give you some nice views. Overall that trail was okay, but you can hear the cars travelling on the highway below and that takes away from any feeling of being in the woods on a nice trail.


Went in late November so not much water on the falls. Only a small trickle on one. Not too impressive. I'm sure it's great during spring. The walk to get there is about 3 minutes, very easy to find.
The road is HORRIBLE. I did make it down okay in my Ford Escort even though a sign at the top of the road said only vehicles with high clearance and 4x4 drive.
I'll have to go back after a big rain

12 days ago

Amazing waterfalls during the rainy season.

Great views everywhere you look. We drove it at sunset so we had the sun behind us and the moon popping up in front. Great time, thanks Arkansas!

Another place I took my 1 year old daughter. She seemed to enjoy it!

It was a beautiful day and beautiful scenery!! Definitely worth the hike!! I'm glad it wasn't 95*!!

Just took the loop today. I was glad to see this back open.

29 days ago

beautiful fall hike. If you love beautiful trees and rocky rivers surrounded by high cliffs then the main trail and the spring trail are for you. If you don't enjoy those things then there is something wrong with you. Seek help. The afore mentioned trails are very wide (think roads) and all the points of interest are marked with little arrows.

The high road trail and the trail to the water fall are not as wide and a bit rough in spots but they are well marked and surrounded by great scenery.

The waterfall wasn't flowing but it was pretty anyway.

Very good views. Not too difficult to do, or to get there. Nice Trail.

Did this trail yesterday. Disappointed no falls no water at all maybe bad time of year but what was the most disappointing is the trails are poorly make and you will get lost if you don't stay on the main trail. Ran into other people that were also lost and they had a GPS that said we were on the trail but there was not trail at all. Had to hike up the side of a hill through the woods to relocate trail.

I hiked this trail with my two sons (14 & 11). We parked at the Compton trailhead and headed down into the Hollow. The trail was fairly rugged and had some real scenic vantage points on the way down. The area around the waterfall was very picturesque and there were some real neat boulder formations near the bottom. The waterfall and rock bluff were pretty spectacular, especially for this part of the country. The water had slowed to a trickle but provided a nice cool-down on the warm October Sunday.

We opted to continue our hike to the Buffalo River and then to the Sneeds Creek trail for the return. This nearly doubled the length of the route but made it a nice loop instead of an out & back. The Sneeds Creek Trail crossed the creek at least 3 to 4 times before turning Northeast back towards the trailhead. It also took you by "Granny" Henderson's cabin, a cool landmark.

The trip was not easy and it took us around 6 hours to cover the 8+ miles. I would suggest hiking poles, especially if you have bad knees. One last note, we did come across two timber rattlesnakes and one copperhead along the trail. One of the rattlesnakes was over 3' long but was dead in the middle of the trail. While these were neat to see, it did make me a little uneasy. I'm guessing they may have been active due to the warm fall temperatures.