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Established in 1972, Buffalo National River flows freely for 135 miles and is one of the few remaining un-dammed rivers in the lower 48 states. Once you arrive, prepare to journey from running rapids to quiet pools while surrounded by massive bluffs as you cruise through the Ozark Mountains down to the White River.

Best views in Arkansas to me. I have done this one before and would do again next weekend. Downhill to the bluff, make sure to turn right when you get to the crossroad to the bluff. the signs aren't always visible. We opted to go straight all the way across the bluff, to the other side, and followed a trail down to the river below. Moderated climb out but worth the views of the creek from below. Coming out of the goat trail up the horse road is pretty tiring. Take your time and make it a challenge and just know the pics are so worth it.!

The trail is pretty easy and the ending is fun as well. I enjoyed getting off the trail and hanging out on the bluffs more than anything. A great are to explore but it's also a long drive to get there.

This is a pretty easy hike until the end. The scenery is okay the first 2 miles and then it starts to pick up on the goat trail. The ending was spectacular.

3 days ago

Absolutely beautiful trail. The only scary part was getting up to the eye of the Needle but we left the red rope behind to make it a lil easier for others. We enjoyed it so much.

The views were awesome!! The walk out was not, prepare to take lots of breaks.

It's a 3.5mi (mostly downhill) hike to the Goat Trail trailhead and then the Goat Trail goes about another mile. One of the most beautiful natural sights to see in Arkansas.

Beautiful day for a hike. This is a very sketchy drive to the head of this short hike. Paved hwy, to gravel road, to very narrow dirt road in the middle of no where. You will drive by little dwellings you might see in horror movies. Once you arrive you will wonder if you have, a small Hideout Hollow wooden sign greets you, on a very small patch of dirt to park your car. The hike is short and easy if you are in shape, I would say moderate if you are not in good shape. There are a couple steeper spots but nothing that bad. It's a fairly clearly walked path with some trees marked as well. In the middle of Oct there was only a trickle of water nothing resembling a waterfall. But all in all worth it.

Love this little trail full of history!

Easy, short hike to a neat little old cabin. Very cool historic spot. One of many in the area.

The dirt road to the falls is a little scary, maybe not minivan approved. Had a flat tire on the way out. Probably best to have a SUV for this one. Water was not running this time of year, but the rock formations were cool. There is some more difficult hiking if you want to explore.

We went thru the trailhead at Kyle's landing. Took the Steel Creek trail first but turned back because some of our party were not ready for a water crossing. Changed over to the Buffalo river trail and wow. Be prepared for a climb. My S health recorded a 1.07 mile accent through the mountain. I had to stop after that as it still went up and I was recovering from injury. Take lots of water and snacks for energy.

Not bad. Tons of other trails in the area with way better views. Lots of climbing, up about 400 feet and then drop about 800 going into steel creek campground. Not many views at all of the river or bluffs. Clean trail through the woods is all.

Fun trail. Views are spectacular along big bluff once you get there.

No water in the creek, must need to go after a good rain.

Hands down the best view from a lookout on a trail I've ever seen. The 2.5-3 miles to the goat trail is a pretty downhill rocky experience, but so worth the views. The way back is all uphill, but again, so worth it. Make sure you stay awhile and enjoy those views!

View was awesome definitely worth the hike, the walk down is fine if a bit rocky but the trek back up can get a bit tiring. Well worth it though

Melanie, my sentiments exactly. I love kayaking the Buffalo River but the trail is just not that great. I would never do it again. It's a beautiful area and lots of special places to go and see but the actual trail doesn't showcase them, unfortunately.

Great views of the Buffalo river!