10 months ago

This is actually one of my favorite trails in the state. We usually make it a 9-10 mile hike and it's definitely best to go in February or March. Lots of flowing water and plenty to look at. I'd definitely avoid it in the summer though. Lots of spiders and a lot of the water dries up.

2 years ago

Huge Mistake. This was actually a top rated trail on another site.

Map of the entire trail is here: http://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/stelprdb5084298.pdf It's not on any other map including the All Trails App.

Camp site was washed out and we really should have turned back after noticing that we were probably the only ones who have trekked there in the past three months. Giant 10-20 foot spanning spider webs across the trail, most of them extremely thin and hard to see. We went all the way to about 75% of the brushy Creek Trail when my wife gave up. We high tailed it off trail and on to the highway.

Best I can say about this trail is it's Manly. Not much to see and Spiders. Don't bring your wives on this trail.