Fun trail with boulders as well as dirt paths. Well marked white dot trail is assuring but would be difficult with much snowfall. Beautiful views.

Pretty awesome trail. Plenty of shade. There were some difficult parts but the different terrain was amazing and kept things interesting. If you have a dog, be aware of going near the water and watch for stickers. I had to shave parts of my dog so he was bald in spots. Those little buggers hurt. We lost the trail at one point and ended up on the bike trail, but it wasn't hard to find our way back. There's some truly gorgeous spots to relax along this trail. I look forward to doing it again.

Beautiful view around the lake. The best way to enjoy the lake.

very fun scenic

Beautiful hike around the lake...the best views are near the water on the southwest side. Follow the white marks, because it's easy to end up on the wrong trail...we made a few "detours", but it made for a fun day of exploration.

3 months ago

3 months ago

I rather enjoyed this hike! However the app lists it as hard. I did not find it hard. It was barely intermediate in my opinion. Yes, including the steep parts. What I like about this trail is that you have many different options. You can make this as easy or a bit more challenging if you want to. Lots of options and lots of varying scenery. I'll definitely be back but not on a weekend.

3 months ago

It was a fun hike! I enjoyed the terrain, views, and elevation change. I had no real issues with sticking to the trail other than when I chose a different route. I ended up taking Lakeshore Trail most of the way. Bringing friends with me next time!