very fun scenic

Beautiful hike around the lake...the best views are near the water on the southwest side. Follow the white marks, because it's easy to end up on the wrong trail...we made a few "detours", but it made for a fun day of exploration.

I rather enjoyed this hike! However the app lists it as hard. I did not find it hard. It was barely intermediate in my opinion. Yes, including the steep parts. What I like about this trail is that you have many different options. You can make this as easy or a bit more challenging if you want to. Lots of options and lots of varying scenery. I'll definitely be back but not on a weekend.

It was a fun hike! I enjoyed the terrain, views, and elevation change. I had no real issues with sticking to the trail other than when I chose a different route. I ended up taking Lakeshore Trail most of the way. Bringing friends with me next time!

Great hike but could be better marked. The app is very helpful to ensure you stay on the trail although there is no service in the northern part of the loop. Highly recommended.

Got off the Watson lake trek by following the white dots and ended up on the Flume trek. Missed seeing the damn, and a good portion of of the lake. Oh, and lost cell / GPS services mid hike, thanks for compasses and maps!

Pretty trail with a lot of options. Not as hard as advertised. Some parts could be better marked, but we were able to follow the white dots just fine. Would definitely do it again with our kids next time.

Love this Moderate (not hard) trail for nature and wildlife birding escape whenever I get a few hours free working in Prescott area.

This is a great hike but I can't count how many times we got off track. All I can say is follow those white dots on the rocks. If not for this app, we would have had trouble following the trail. Another couple that started when we did, didn't use this app and ended up on the road and missed the best part of the hike. I recommend going clockwise. The prettiest part is on the North end of the lake. Will definitely do it again.

My wife and I did the full loop and got off the trail a couple of times. Thanks to this app I was able to find the correct route. The south half of this loop is flat and boring but the north half is outstanding. If I were to hike this trail again I would go clockwise from one of the parking lot trail heads and then turn around at a little foot bridge over the water in the cove. It would cut the distance in half but would be a prettier and more challenging hike.

Great hike! Very scenic but not too strenuous. I will definitely do it again. For experienced hikers, if you are expecting something difficult this trail is not that.

Great trail! Make sure to bring plenty of water and a snack.

The section northeast of the dam is very exposed, so bring lots of water and wear sunscreen. We got fried!!! Less pet friendly (access to water for playing) than we had assumed based on the map so bring plenty of water for pups as well.