Walnut Canyon - Remarkable Formations, Ancient Cliff Dwellings! Come gaze across the curved canyon walls! Among the remarkable geological cliff formations of the canyon itself, the shapes of the former homes of ancient inhabitants of Walnut Canyon are easily evident. On a hike along the Rim or Island Trails you can imagine what life was like along and within Walnut Canyon while visiting actual pueblos and walking in the steps of those who came before us. Hours vary seasonally.

2 months ago

Cool cultural and historical experience but not an exercise hike.

Cool for the scenery and experience but not a big hike or anything. This was interesting and the view of some valleys was interesting.

2 months ago

The archeological site and nature trail signes were a big hit for my 8-year old son. The stairs down and back up are managable, but require functional legs for sure. The trail around the "island" about 1/3 to 1/2 -way down the canyon walls is paved and quite easy.

The archeological emphasis of the Sinagua people was the main attraction for us. The trail is easy and mostly paved. Nearby, the stairs down and up for the Walnut Canyon "Island" trail are manageable for most folks, but deter some..

Unfortunately, when we were there in May 2016, Island Trail was closed trail improvements. Nevertheless, the Rim Trail and the film presentation at the center were interesting enough that we will come back when Island Trail is ready. So I'm not going to knock the rating as I did not check on any closing before we came.

The Island trail is much better and worth the stairs.

3 months ago

Excellent views into the past. Very well maintained trail.

4 months ago

Pace yourself on the stairs coming back. Beautiful walk, and cool breezes.

Very nicely paved. Beautiful hike.

5 months ago

it was a pleasure to have walked this trial. Very scenic the history was amazing. Go Early so you have time to read every post an get back before it gets to hot. lot's of stairs down an back up. Must see!!!

This is a quick family walk rather than a hike. The Caves were amazing to see

More of a walk that's paved with views of the canyon and cliff dwellings in the distance. It was short, relatively flat and very easy. No water needed in July for us.

5 months ago

Not sure why this was rated as hard. I'd say moderate at most only because of the stairs going back up. Definitely worth it to see the canyon and ruins. There were plenty of little kids walking it.

6 months ago

This trail has native ruins along the trail and it allows views to adjacent ruins across the valley. It is fascinating to imagine their life in this rugged environment. This is somewhat a demanding hike but I would recommend it for kids and most anyone else. just take your time.

This is a walk not a hike. Great views of cave dwellings along this PAVED walking path. Good informational signs. Only need one bottle of water at 100 degrees. Flip-flop friendly, educational walk.

This paved trail is actually the rim trail that loops around the top of the cliff. It has a couple canyon overlooks and passes by a couple ruins on the bluff.

Ruins are always fascinating to view. These are more modest than most but are worth viewing. At the time of the review the entry fee was $8 ea.