fun moderate trail, might need to take off dry shoes at times or have water shoes. some jumping and climbing involved but not that bad. fun half day hike

Today was my first experience with this trail. It rained a few days ago, but even after you hit rocks, if you looked around a little, you were able to get an idea of where the trail picked up again. There weren't a lot of people, which was nice, a few even brought their dogs. I had a blast, there were areas that you pretty much had to rock climb. The views are breath taking. There is a little bit of cactus near the trail, but other than that and some of the loose or slippery rocks, its pretty awesome. We didnt end up making it all the way up the trail. We were almost to the main waterfall, but we hit a spot where no matter which way we went, we would end up in water above out belly buttons. As you are hiking the trail, just keep in mind it is not a loop, you will probably end up taking the same path back, so be sure that if you are able to climb a rock or jump a gap in one direction, that you will be able to do it the opposite direction as well. We took a slightly different way back and ended up taking off our shoes and wading in water up to our knees. It was awesome, but cold. All in all, the trail is awesome. I would definitely bring a camera =)

10 days ago

rock climbing
22 days ago

little Rock climbing, but super fun !!! definitely peaceful

Was a really beautiful and fun place, be ready to get wet cause some parts there was no clear way to go so through the water you must go. We are dying to go back once it rains. Make sure you bring plenty of water, it heats up fast in the mid-day if you are walking back up the mt. Over all we plan on going back soon. :)