Was a really beautiful and fun place, be ready to get wet cause some parts there was no clear way to go so through the water you must go. We are dying to go back once it rains. Make sure you bring plenty of water, it heats up fast in the mid-day if you are walking back up the mt. Over all we plan on going back soon. :)

A little difficult the first time but rewarding!

It was great, I had great time.

Locating the trailhead is straightforward. A dirt parking area is available, but is poorly maintained. If you have a vehicle with low clearance, you're better off parking along the side of the dirt road.

The trail down to the creek is easy and well defined. Once you're at the bottom, trail markings are nonexistent. Downstream is easy enough to follow, but as AZ trials go, fairly commonplace.

Upstream, the "trail" consists of simply making your way up through the debris field. There are no markings and it's easy to find yourself doubling back to find a better way to continue. The further up you go, the more "jumbled" the debris field becomes.

If you don't want to get your feet wet, this isn't the trail for you. The soles of your hiking boots should also be able to grip smooth rock while wet. This becomes important as you get closer to the falls.

As with most trails in Arizona with flowing water, some hikers start taking their clothes off. The remoteness of this trial, the pools and the scenery, may entice some to go "au naturel". Be forewarned.

If this is your first time on this trail, it's best to seek assistance from someone who has navigated the path before. Hikers are a friendly lot and are always willing to help.

Great trail for bigger kids. To quote Eegah, "Watch out for snakes!" This is one you need to plan for: you don't want to go anywhere near that canyon if it's raining in the area, but you do want to go during the monsoons so you can see the falls in action.

Any water yet ??? thanks

6 months ago

In July it was HOT obviously, but I heard there is still water in the pools. There is no water. The hike is beautiful and pretty easy. If the falls were running it would've been perfect.

Didn't care for this trail at all in fact I don't even think there is a true trail to follow. My sister and I went down fine but going back up we got lost for about 40 minutes. We couldn't find the trail that we used and every other trail that is there don't lead you to anything. We decided to go back down and luckily we found this other couple heading back up so we asked if we can follow, the girl said that she got lost before too. I don't think I'll be back to this one again.

Nice easy hike with water holes, boulders, and bears oh my....? No bears but went twice and took friends the second time. Fun adventures just around the bend.