Great trail but hard to find. You have to go across the road to start the trail and there are not a lot of signs for it. We looked for the 188 road sign then right behind it was the small vineyard trail sign.

3 years ago

All Trails,
This trail is not even close to Roosevelt, AZ. The closest town would be Greer, AZ. Also there are two "Baldy" trails. One is the East Baldy Trail and the other is the West Baldy Trail. They are both great trails and connect near the summit.

5 years ago

This is a peaceful, scenic hike in the Arizona Rim Country. The trail crosses meadows, follows a stream for a mile or so, and then ascends Mt. Baldy. It was early in the season (May) so as we gained altitude we started to have difficulty following the trail in the deep snow. After losing the trail and realizing that our shoes were hopeless for hiking in snow, we turned around before reaching the top. Still, it was a very good hike and we would like to do it again in July or August.