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The Superstition Wilderness area is open only to hikers and equestrians; no 4wd vehicles, ATVs, dirt bikes, or bicycles are permitted in the wilderness area.

8 hours ago

Absolutely loved this hike. I was amazed by the beauty. Trail was super busy and parking lot was full when we came out.

8 hours ago

keep going straight at the fork and do not go through the green gate.

11 hours ago

ok ive got a question, im trying plan this hike and so far the information on this site sucks, is the a trailhead for this hike? the map on here isnt so good! need help!

12 hours ago

Great easy hike, for more adventure continue the hike up the hillside for wonderful views!

12 hours ago

17 hours ago

1 day ago

Easy hike! Saw a lot of kids and dogs breezing through. Loved the scenic view of the desert all the way to the falls! We wanna go back to conquer the canyon through the ridge trail.

Awesome hike! Got a little tough but worth pushing through to see the waterfall and swim!

this was such a beautiful hike! Just make sure you stay to the right and go through the wiring fence. if you can see the wave cave you're on the right track. do not go through the green fence. that's a totally different Trail .Enjoy♡

Wow What a place
We did 16miles in 9hrs
Bring plenty of water and snacks to keep you going. The views are spectacular, crossing the river is a constant adventure, be prepared to get your shoes wet. Plan accordingly if you plan on completing the entire loop.

Enjoyed it,good family time and easy to start off the season with.

Awful.. just awful. The parking area is not suitable for the amount of visitors. Sheriff waiting to ticket those parking on the side of the street. People fighting for parking spots. Not the greatest environment to experience prior to a hike.

I went to this trail head yesterday (Saturday) thinking it would be a nice trail to take some out of town guests with small children.
First of all, you will hit traffic for the renaissance festival which will delay your hiking plans considerably.
Upon arriving to the trail head, I was greeted by a sheriff standing by, per the residents in the area, waiting to ticket anyone who parks along the streets as the parking lot for the trail is unable to handle much traffic and fills up quickly. You are NOT allowed to park anywhere for the hike but in the lot. When I got there, 3 cars were already circling waiting for a spot to open. I left without hiking this trail.
I do not plan if ever returning to this hike. Your welcome Gold Canyon residents.