It may seem nice to be able to hike in such a congested area close to campus but there's so many people just dolly-gagging around on the hike and it's paved to the point that you don't even feel that you're on a nature hike. It takes 10 minutes to get to the top and parking is harder than camelback mountain. The view isn't even that nice unless you go during sunset/sunrise. I won't be back.

Just a bunch of people on an easy hike playing pokemon go

Easy hike up, super crowded and loud. Beautiful view!

If you're an outsider or a foreign to the mountains or simply wants easy place to hike then I would high recommend it. Short distance with an amazing view 

good hike for beginners

Gross. Too many rude people, littering, music blasting, kids, crowded. Only good if I'm super desperate for a quick jog-climb. Trashy , litter, graffiti

Amazing beginners hike, I recommend this place as your 1st hike, a beginner's indeed!!

Gorgeous views at night!

muy buenas fotos

Steep but a fun short hike with great views of the valley and plane landings.

Nice moderate hike

Great to watch airplanes on approach to kphx

trail running
6 months ago

Easiest hike in the valley although i dont really consider it a hike. Awesome views of the lake.

Not exactly a "hike", but great views.