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I loved this trail today. Well marked, just the right amount of workout and beautiful scenery. I wouldn't rate it as hard..it's more of moderate. There were young children hiking it. Brought a gallon of water, and made sure my phone was charged 100%.. took lots of pictures

6 days ago

Pretty easy hike, only took one Nalgene and was just fine. Was on the lookout for critters, didn't spot any, saw a coyote though!

Not sure if the trail I take is the same as others, but I enter the trail on the north side of the trailhead (Beverly Canyon) and exit on the south side (Javelina Canyon). I would call the Ridgeline part moderate and not easy, but I'm splitting hairs. IMO starting on the Beverly side has the harder parts occurring on the first half, so once I get to the Javelina trail it feels like a cakewalk by comparison

10 days ago

Loved this trail :)

Great views and amazing amount of shade if you go at a daunting time. It's a nice trail for working out because you can park at the bottom or at the top to diversify your journey.

Great hike with awesome views at the top!

16 days ago

I'm a new hiker and in decent shape.This was my first completed trail and on the way up it beat me up, but after that it was a smooth trail to hike with awesome views. The wind and scenery are special treats. I was greeted by a Red Tail Hawk circling above me. There's a beautiful view of Phoenix right below where the Pyramid ends and the National Trail begins.

16 days ago

I'm a new hiker so the toughest part of this trail was going back. Going back over this trail was a challenge. I think the fact there are as many back to back climbs on the return is what makes it a little tricky.

17 days ago

A little crowded, but a beautiful hike. This trail ends at the National trail, which you can then take to Kiwanis and back down to make a loop

Moderate trail with beautiful views!

It was amazing

Really enjoyed hiking this trail. It's not a strenuous hike, but does have a nice steady incline in many areas. Once you get up towards the top you have a great view of the Valley. I was slightly sad to end right up close to the road though. Will definitely hike this one again, my little one loved it!