I've only ever hiked this trail during the warmer months so I've always found it to be much more difficult than my other trails. Definitely wear sturdy boots that you are COMFORTABLE in. There are many switchbacks, inclines, descents, and various terrain that will catch your breath. The variety of views and wildlife you will see are absolutely worth every step of this beautifully challenging trail.

3 months ago

4 months ago

Lots of glitter scattered throughout the ground!

6 months ago

The area was beautiful, but I wish I would have known how rocky the trail is!

Great summertime hike on top of Mount Lemmon. Nice views and chilly water - it felt great to dip our toes in! Check out my full review on my blog: https://tryniakaufman.com/2016/07/03/wilderness-of-rocks-freeing-the-pieces-of-ourselves-to-come-alive/

8 months ago

It was the greatest hike ever

Fantastic hike. Fulfilling length and elevation change, but doesn't take the whole day. Plenty of shady spots and a little running water. Best of all, it's cool enough to do in the middle of summer.

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1 year ago

Good time!!

Such an awesome trail. Check weather before setting out. Some parts of the trail have no shade what-so-ever and can be grueling. Worth it, though!

2 years ago

Beautiful, wild country minutes from Tucson.

Beautiful Trail on the way up.

3 years ago

on Mount Lemmon Trail

3 years ago

Mt Lemmon was our family's escape from the city of Tucson! We lived there for 6 years and at least once a month if not more took the trip up the mountain! I loved it because you started going up through saguaros, and all of sudden you go around a corner and you are in a forest of pines! Loved feeling the mountain air after being in the summers of AZ. It averages about a 20 degree difference once you reach the mountain town on the top. There is a great gorge in the back to take a hike where hardly anyone goes! Easy enough for my toddlers to walk along with a little help. I will miss Mt Lemmon for sure! This is also where my husband proposed to me, and where we had our first kiss! Mt Lemmon holds a very special place in my heart.