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For my 2nd hike this was great. Steep, not used to it, but overall loved it. Can't wait to do more.

Beautiful views on the backside of the mountain.

Overall I like this hike. Easy and close to home. Hills kick butt at times but worth the outing. A must is a visit to the two graves!

This is a fun trail! Mostly advanced beginners to intermediate with a few harder spots. On the south side cardiac is a hill that's little tricky to go down but not horrible! It has a little drop in too some rocks which is sandy but doable worse case scenario walk the first part of cardiac and get back on ! Then on the north side of the trail there are a few down and ups which can be a little tricky because you need speed to go back up ! Line choice through them is critical! The two main ones can be tough but not dangerous! Overall wide trail with up down combos !

14 days ago

It cost to get in. Usually don't have $ with me. Luckily I did!?! Bikes horses and hikers all share the same trail

Completed today with my brother. Fun!

Very easy. Went hiking with my 5 year old. Didn't take very long to finish.

a good distance before you reach a climb, mostly sandy

Super easy, mostly flat trail. Well marked, and lots of resting places. great views!

good hike rough trail tho in places

1 month ago

When you are in for a close to home hike this is a great trail with switchbacks, elevation gain, not busy at all and it can be connected with the San Tan Trail, Hedgehog and other connections which are easily understood and depicted in the map provided at both entrances. You can hike all day and never get tired of the scenery and silence of this majestic park. Most covered, 5 hours hiking and about 13 miles give or take.

on Dynamite Trail

1 month ago


on Dynamite Trail

1 month ago

What a beautiful trail to start your morning off right along with my energetic dog Quinn! Thank you God!