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Amazing view!

on Devils Bridge Trail

7 days ago

9 days ago

Great trail! I recommend arriving early in the AM to get a bridge photo before the crowds. Only attempt to drive to the trailhead if you have a high clearance vehicle and are comfortable with off-road driving. It was a bit sketchy with a Jeep Patriot and I would not recommend it.

10 days ago

If you have a high clearance vehicle, you can skip the long road the the trailhead, but if not it's still a decent hike. The bridge itself the definitely the best part with a beautiful view.

We took Chuck Wagon trail for the approach instead of Vultee Arch, which has a lot of 4x4 traffic. Still got some engine noise and exhaust smell, but the final destination was worth it.

11 days ago

great trail, tends to be busy even on holidays. there is some climbing involved to get to the bridge, but doable by all ages.

High clearance drive on large rocks and deep ruts to get to the actual trail head. Steady climb to the arch. It was a weekend so there was a waiting line to do the photo op on the bridge. Good fun would do again.

Not much traffic, pretty awesome ruin! On top of butte there are lots of obsidian shards from arrowhead being made I'm assuming

on West Fork Trail

14 days ago

fun morning hike. very active trial.

One of the best photo ops of any hike. We back tracked and went under the bridge as well. Seems to be the only part of the trail without people on it. Greatly recommend using chuck wagon trail instead of walking down the access road. On weekends there will be plenty of people there waiting to take your picture for you. And be prepared for some scrambling towards the top. Gets pretty vertical.

This trail was not as bad as I thought. I made it to the top with no problems. The hike starts out flat and as you near the top, you start to climb more rocks. The views and pictures at the bridge are totally worth the hike. Highly recommended.