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This is so amazing! The views are spectacular! Go here for sure when visiting Sedona! Not a bad hike, filled with beautiful nature and the bridge is definitely perfect for a picture!

One of my favorite hikes in Sedona!

Don't take this hike. The hike follows beside the new resort for about 2.5 miles. It will make you sick. Buildings built into the once beautiful red cliffs and above those water tanks! Along the way you will be exposed to barbed wire right up to the trail that is DANGEROUS to anyone who might lose their balance. Motion sensors, video cameras on the trail, automatic lights, noise, and at the end the payoff is simply not worth the effort and the danger, the hiker hatred, and the criminal treatment. Once again corporate greed has destroyed the environment. How this was allowed would be nice to expose, probably a contribution to the Clinton foundation.

A must hike every time I come to Sedona. It's mostly flat until the last little bit of the trail to the end. Pictures all the way until the end because it's beautiful but when you get to the end make sure you walk around on the rocks and not just stay in one spot.

What a great hike!! The bridge is so awesome.

Beautiful trail

5 days ago

Crowded as heck! Not the serene back-to-nature experience I was hoping for. I guess there aren't too many dog-friendly, kid-friendly, shady, flat trails so I should've expected it on a beautiful October Saturday. You get the "idea" (the terrain and view) of the trail about a mile in. Depends on what you're looking for, but lots of people on my trail is not what I like when heading out to visit Mother Nature. From my parking spot on the road (1/2 mile up), the total hike was 9.80 miles.

It's not moderate when you get to the Devils Bridge its straight up even the guys who trail hike all time said it was very difficult. Most of it is moderate. All in all very enjoyable hike.

We always park 1 car at the west fork trailhead then drive up to the top of the canyon (woody mountain road) and do the whole canyon one way back to our car. Avoid monsoon season and be ready to swim a little bit and float your pack in a couple spots. One of the best hikes around for sure!

Great view. The bridge is a very cool experience. Relatively easy hike all the way up. Would definitely do it again.

12 days ago

Moderate and amazing!

amazing place!

13 days ago

Nice trail, pretty level ,cool and scenic.