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Pusch Ridge towers over Tucson and the surrounding desert as one of the most prominent features of the Santa Catalina Mountains. With its lower slopes dotted with cactus and its upper reaches dark with pines, this unmistakable landmark makes the point in no uncertain terms that this is a land of extremes

12 hours ago

This is a fun and varied trail -- mostly easy-moderate and not too challenging but with steep sections, stream crossings, loose rocks and small boulders, and fantastic views both up and down. I recommend wearing hiking boots that offer ankle support because of the rocks and angled sections of the trail. It's well traveled, so go early.

6 days ago

7 days ago

I'd say this is on the easier side of difficult. Hang a left when you get to the stream at the end to get to the waterfall, which is unusual and beautiful!

Great trail! Over rocks, sand, multiple small stream crossings all along side a small stream. Beautiful views of mountains towering overhead. Does not feel like the desert at all!!!

We did the loop and it was great!

11 days ago

12 days ago


As other users have mentioned, the beginning is steep. During my hike the wind gusts were strong. The majority of the Northern journey is uphill. The terrain varies from loose rock, to flat soil, to moderately steep rock face. I would not recommend bringing a dog on this trail.

14 days ago