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Pusch Ridge towers over Tucson and the surrounding desert as one of the most prominent features of the Santa Catalina Mountains. With its lower slopes dotted with cactus and its upper reaches dark with pines, this unmistakable landmark makes the point in no uncertain terms that this is a land of extremes

6 days ago

Great hike out and back, good amount of vegetation, even cottonwood trees in one section of the trail, easy to lose the trail, but not difficult to pick it back up again.

7 days ago

Loved the trail, the parking lot located right near the main street which is easy to access. I came on thursday afternoon and there are only 3-4 cars in the parking lot. This trail is hard but not extremely. It does have steep slopes and loose rocks which reminds me of the Elden Lookout trail in Flagstaff. Wearing appropriate shoes is recommended, there will be few parts that you have to climb over the rocks but they are not really dangerous though, those are good challenges. You may have to be careful on the way back, don't trust those little evil rocks :) i would wear a long pants in this trail since it is invaded by bushes and cactuses. The view on top will cover the oro valley area and part of tucson, very nice. Overall i rate this trail 5 stars since there are few good things about this trail. 1- easy to access 2- challenging (good workout) 3- short which means less time consuming. Good luck;)

This is the toughest hike in the Tucson area so don't attempt it if you're not in shape! Amazing views though. Well worth it.

12 days ago

Great views and terrain.

26 days ago

Great views. Horrible hike. Loose rock make it near impossible to avoid falling. You will get bit by the cactus. Definitely need to be prepared to use your hands. I can now say that I've done this trail, but I will not do it again.

Beautiful trail, with some welcomed shade in the canyon. Diverse scenery and easy to navigate.

Informative visitor's center. Lots of fun excursion trails to take and bathrooms along the way. You can ride the tram and hop on & off anytime for $10 adults and less for kids. We just went up for an hour then had to turn around.

Only walked into trail for a few miles, but really enjoyed it. We were staying in a condo right near the trailhead so going for a quick morning walk was wonderful. It was easy as far as we went, but apparently the further you go, the rougher it gets... But apparently well worth the trip. Hope to do the whole trail next time we're in Tucson.
September 2016

1 month ago

Really enjoyable moderate hike. A bit rocky in the beginning but not steep. Scenery beautiful and lots of saguaros. Near the turn around was quite overgrown and too many trees and ferns for my liking in the desert. The walk back has beautiful views of the canyon. I would definitely go back again when in Tucson.

2 months ago

Amazing views, amazing trail!

2 months ago

This was a fantastic trail. The first mile or so is a steep incline with large rocks. There are parts where the grass hides the trail a bit, and it can get a little confusing. Great views and a nice change of scenery.

Are you able to backpack here for a night?

This is a great hike--waterfall, pools, petroglyphs, and desert. It has it all.

Great hike, although the path was hard to find this time of year. The way down through Pima canyon seems to find no end, the last part is especially hard since it is going to be early afternoon if you started early (6am or so).
It took me almost 3 hours up to Mt. Kimball, then - even subtracting all breaks - it was at least that time to get down through Pima canyon. I had to backtrack twice to get the right trail.

on Pima Canyon Trail

4 months ago

July2016 - Beautiful scenery. No water in the washes yet. Desert is green and gorgeous. As you get into the valleys, you'll see big lush trees. Good variety of scenic changes. Path was easy to follow - a tad Rocky. Nice hike.