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9 days ago

This was a short but surprisingly fun trail. Litter-free, well maintained and marked trails with frequent maps posted on signs. Excellent views. A great trail system for kids.

Great hike! Scenery is beautiful!

11 days ago

Cool trail. Had some water in the creek. Definitely take tough pants and even long sleeves (even if it's hot) or you're going to get scraped up by thousands thorny bushes that cover the trail path.

There's a creepy abandoned shed a few miles in and abandoned machinery. The actual trail also crosses over what appears to be a man-made set of roadways (maybe for horse and cart when the trail was fully operational?). If you look to the east side of the creek at the ~3 mile marker, there is another shed on the opposite side (could get to it if you hike the creek instead of taking the trail). There is a man-made pathway on that side as well, which took impressive effort. Interested in the history of this place but couldn't find it online.

The trail eventually ends where a forest fire did damage a few years ago. The rock cairns at this point are obviously destroyed and withered, as the trail at this point is mostly abandoned. You'd have to rough and tumble your way further down the trail.

With that said, the overall walkable trail is probably no more than ~6-7 miles and receives quite a bit of traffic since it's so close to Bumble Bee Ranch and Crown King.

23 days ago

This is an easy walk around a beautiful little mountain lake. There are a couple of bald eagles who nest here. We turned a bend and found one up in a tree just off of the path. It was pretty awesome!

September 28, 2016, I did the Lynx Lake and Salidas Gulch Loop Trails in the Prescott National Forest. Both trails were enjoyable and relatively easy.

One of the better trails we've been on thus far. Worth the pain:-)

I did an out and back to the Spruce Mountain lookout...it wasn't too steep at the outset, but about halfway through I definitely noticed the terrain getting rockier and steeper. I thought it was lovely. There weren't too many people out! I wish I had had more time to do the loop.

What a beautiful way to spend an afternoon! A great workout, but not too difficult. Dogs on leash are OK. We only saw about 5 other people on a perfect Sunday. Not crowded at all and lots of free parking. Make sure once you get to what seem slide the top go left and up a bit more to the fire lookout tower. The ranger will let you come up and enjoy the views.

1 month ago

very beautiful hike

Nice workout with lots of path choices. Well marked trail with "dot" approach.

Easy hike with pretty views.

1 month ago

Easy but a very pretty hike around the lake.

1 month ago

Trail was nice but we didn't know that it didn't go all the way around the lake. We got to the other side and it ended and had to make our way all the way back. Also there were a lot of small flying bugs so when hiking it was hard to not breathe some in.

Great hike! Pleasantly surprised by all the beautiful wild flowers! A great day

1 month ago

I want to first state that this is a very beautiful hike. So much to see and lots of wild life: deer, birds, horned toads, and lizards. The app states the loop is 6.6 miles it is actually closer to 10, my friend and I were not prepared for this, so please plan accordingly. We hiked counter-clockwise. I think calling this trail moderate is fair. The scenery was amazing the watch tower was really neat, we went inside it as its welcome to visitors. The views were awesome! I highly recommend this trail, just prepare for the 10 miles. :)

Nice short walk from trailhead to Goldwater Lake. it's a well marked trail.

This is a great trail for new moms it's stroller friendly and there's places to sit along the trail if ur baby gets hungry

So beautiful! Just right for an early morning cardio getaway. So fresh after last night's rain. I did the 2 mile perimeter, lots of good rock hopping, ups & downs to keep the heart racing. Reminds me of Sedona.

First hike for my kids. The older one was a trooper. The younger had a few complaints but overall A nice, leisurely walk through the woods.