Great hike/walk for families. Crowded at the trail head but thins out later. Don't stop at the top of the hill; the trail continues down the valley on the other side.

Squaw Peak is like one giant staircase that doesn't end. It's beautiful, but one of the most crowded hikes in the valley. Expects sore legs and knees on your decent.

Went on a weekday, wasn't crowded. Somewhat challenging, nice hike

I walked over to Piestewa Peak Park today. (I still think of it as Squaw Peak) Car trouble put me out on foot, so I walked over. 2 1/2 miles each way, so just the walk qualified as a hike all by itself. Alas, I got there and then realized I had forgotten to bring water, so I wasn't prepared to tackle the trails. I sat for a while and watched hikers on the summit trail. Then I walked over and took the Alternate Summit trail, which is a lot of fun and very interesting. It begins near the entrance to the park and continues up to merge with the summit trail. That trail is rough, and appears almost unused. I have been on it a couple times and have expected to see a rattlesnake or two, but haven't so far. Just a rugged trail. It does join the summit trail, but it's not that far up so not too bad. It's hard to find anything remote in this park, but that trail fits the bill.

Probably beautiful during wildflower season. Was hot n dry the day I went but cool canyon valleys and amazing caterpillars everywhere!

Made the mistake of going too late in the morning and it was HOTT. Great hike and not too crowded during the week!

Fairly easy up and down in a couple hours or less. Gets really busy so go early and don't hike in 100+ degree weather.

Great fast workout. kinda like a outdoor stair master. Lots of nice folks and open 24/7.

A great trail. I approached it from the 40th St. trailhead and took 8A past the saddle and circled back around before coming back to 8 and the parking lot. Good workout!

too rocky!!

Great trail! Although I wouldn't consider it easy. I've done some moderate trails that were at about this level of difficulty. Awesome view! Worth it just bring water