90 minute hike. Some signage missing. Saw 7 wild horses, 2 on our trail, one scorpion, one rattle snake, bees, birds and one dead wild hog. Trail varies from rocks to beachlike sand, easy, nice breeze, loved it.

7 days ago

Good for fat dogs (like mine) and kids!

Beautiful views, amazing to see so many horses in the wild grazing! We helped a crawfish get untangled from some fishing wire :)

Cons: trails and signs are very unclear. A 45 minute hike turned into 2 hours. Do not take dogs unless they are used to heat and hiking. Very little shade on trails. Lots of trash and lots of bugs near water. Lots of bees on trail in flowers. Bring lots of bug spray, and sunscreen. Trails do not seem to be walked on often, we got a little cut up from the overgrown bushes. Lots of horse dumpings on trail paths.

You will have a great time if you go prepared :)

Beautiful trail and perfect for bringing kids!

Was a fun trail I think we did some overlapping with another trail. Ended up at 2.45 miles. Saw 3 horses, a dead horse, and 2 large rattle snakes as well as normal bunnies and birds.

definitely beautiful scenery however the amount of garbage all around was very unpleasant. I also did not feel very safe even with my dogs.
Perfect area for a picnic with friends.

I enjoyed the hike, very easy. I saw three bands of horses, hawk, Cardinal and a Kestrel. I would go again.

This was a beautiful area and extremely disappointing. The trash was everywhere. How heartbreaking to see such damage. Saw two horses along the river. The trails were very sandy so expect a bath afterwards.

Disappointing. The trail isn't clearly marked; we found our way by following the piles of horse manure and garbage. There were unattended/illegal fires, lots of garbage, and minimal views of the river. The trail was clearly un-maintained. The number of flies and bees is outrageous, and be prepared to walk through a LOT of spider webs. It's an easy trail, when you know where the trail actually is. We wouldn't recommend this trail to anyone. Also- there was a bobcat.

The trail is unmaintained, unmarked, strewn with trash, vandalized with spray paint, and littered with horse feces in various states of decomposition. But the river is nice.

Potential to be beautiful if it was cleaned up. Graffiti and trash was disappointing.

1 year ago

Awesome and easy

We went to Salt River trail today, the directions leads you to a parking lot where you can access the trail, parking lot stated that you must have a parking day pass to park, didn't know where to purchase one, everyone's pass said day pass we were only staying an hour so we walked the trail, hiked a couple rocks, stayed close to the water most the time. Didn't see signs for trail so can see how people get lost, if you stay close to water you won't get lost. I took my wife and two year old son he loved it, just had to help him on the rocks.

The graffiti on the rocks spoiled an otherwise enjoyable ... didn't so much feel like a hike as an exploration.

Another great family hike. My family and I went here last Saturday during a rainstorm. I never knew this place existed. I have been to the Salt River many times, but never saw it from this perspective. The walk was very calming. We saw a ton of wildlife on this walk and my kids (8y, 6y, and 3y) did some rockwall climbing. I got a real chuckle when my 8 year old son says to me "Dad this is just like climbing the 'rock wall'" - referring to the rockwall in the City of Apache Junction's Multi-Gen center.

I actually want to come back here and camp along the banks of the river. At this point I am trying to determine where dispersed camping is allowed - the parks department (state/federal) do not provide very good maps to figure this out. May just have to pitch the tent and "find out".

This is a great place to unwind. We saw several men fly fishing in the river. The only complaint I have on this one is that previous 'users' did not care enought to pack out what they packed in - very diappointing!

2 years ago

Beautiful views on this trail. A little hard to follow. If you're not paying attention you could easily wonder on to one of the many paths. I could have done without all the horse feces on the trail. Besides that, it was a great, very easy hike. My kids loved being by the river. Wish they would clean this trail up and mark it better. It really needs it.