Traveled over on the VOAZ today, from one side of the 1A (Perl Charles Memorial) to the other. It makes a shortened trek of the 1A. Otherwise, it's 7 miles from one end to the other. The VOAZ presents a bit of a climb up and over the peak to the other side and back to connecting trails to Squaw Peak Drive and parking. The Irregular Link does the same thing, but that one's even higher. It's a handy trail anyway, and scenic. Lots of great snaps up there. If you find yourself on the 1A and don't want to go the long way out, this is good to look for. You can easily stretch the hike into 3+ miles. Not bad at all.

Back on the VOAZ today. I had been gone from Squaw Peak for a while, long enough that I had forgotten where the VOAZ was! When I came to it today, I had no idea I was even close. I thought I had discovered a new stretch on the 1A (Perl Charles Memorial). Anyway, this is a fun little side trail, which does adjoin the 1A on the north side and south side of that loop. It conveniently crosses over the mountain and then rejoins the 1A along with the 302 (Freedom Trail). I also did not realize that the VOAZ is a loop of it's own, beginning and ending on the south side of the 1A loop. The sign reading VOAZ loop is partly obstructed. Not a terribly long hike either, being only 1 1/2 miles total. Not bad, though, as Squaw Peak goes.

Happened upon this trail while on the Perl Charles Memorial (1A). This is the 1B. It adjoins the 1A at about 1 1/4 miles along the trail, joining it off of the Nature Trail (304). Three are two legs to the 1A off of the 304, reached in order as you proceed along on the 304. I found this off the second leg, which is more interesting in my opinion. The 1B turns due south and the climbs the mountain with switchbacks. It is not a hard climb at all, and in the late afternoon, it is shaded by the range just to the west. It rolls over the mountain, and then rejoins the 1A and the 302 below. It is easy to navigate, and at least in the later afternoon, quite comfortable.