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Great hike for in town. Allows dogs. Less crowded than some trails. Challenging for beginners but doable. Views are great and similar to Piestawa. Natural trail (no man-made stairs) and very rocky.

Always crowded. Parking is bad. Hikers with no etiquette and loud speakers with music. Man-made stairs the entire way. View is great, but if the other things I just listed bother you, try TwoBit Peak instead, you won't be disappointed. I would definitely call this one a "city hike"...at least it's close to town. I only go here when someone insists - much better hikes nearby in my opinion.

On vacation here from Canada. Did this hike early one morning and it was great! Good workout, beautiful 360 view at the top. 45min, up and down

13 days ago

Back on the 302 today. I picked it up as the Circumference Trail near the Summit and continued to the east until I met the 1A (Perl Charles Memorial). I continued with 302-1A until I got back to the Summit Trail. 302 is pretty easy for the most part. Just a little up and down. After it joins the 1A, it gets to be tough. The 1A heads way up and way down as it crosses over the backside of the Summit. While the 302 is mostly mild, the 1A is rocky and a little bit treacherous. It calls for sure footing and careful trail minding to avoid a dangerous fall or misstepping off trail. At about three miles along, 302 veers away from 1A. 302 has another mile and a half to reach the summit trail. 1A has five miles plus to end of trail. It was a busy day at the park today and there were lots of hikers everywhere, including on this somewhat remote trail. This is a very good hike if you find your way there.

great workout trail, great views!

If you are into trail running and live in the city, then this is another to add to the weekly workout routine as it offers good longevity and well marked trails. Pretty easy but can become moderate if you maximize your speed and stamina for a good workout.

nice hike with a beautiful view close to central Scottsdale.

much easier if you want an alternative for echo canyon

Great hike. All uphill, it's a summit! enjoyed the view and explorer other areas along the way. I lesuriely did it in under 2 hours, with a long break on top.

Just did this hike for the second time. First time I got a bit lost and the map came in handy to get back on the trail. Second time was much easier and finished the hike in an hour and a half. I went counter clockwise both times. Easy hike with some harder parts.

Went at night & and the view was well worth it. Some steep parts but nothing that's too hard, it's a few miles up at most so it's pretty quick...not as hard as what I was expecting.

Challenging. Crowded but there are moments of solitude if you go early.

This trail was the first mountain I have ever hiked to the top of, I'm glad to see that it's actually rated as hard!!! lol it was indeed, buuuuuut I did it!!! i could not have done it without walking sticks!!!! beautiful view at the top!!!

Pretty easy trail for a quick workout. If you are in at least medium shape it is a 20 minute each way from base to peak. If you are new to hiking this can take much longer and some say that it is tough but i don't think so. This is definitely a medium to easy hike but no doubt a great one.