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it was my first hike in years and it was a great hike. I will be going back again.

Was a tough trail for my first time but made it to the top,worth it all such a beautiful view!

Great trail for a quick hike after work

Decent hike, although there are better options in the valley. I suppose it would be prettier at sunset or after a good rain and wildflowers blooming. Too close to the highway and pretty crowded as well. It gets better the further in you go; the desert valley really opens up then. It seems to be a popular spot for joggers and bicyclists. Completed the nature trail and also hiked on trail 100 and 1A. Those are pretty long and I'll have to come back sometime and hike those in their entirety.

great hike but very crowded in the morning

Did something different today. I started on Dreamy Draw at 22nd Street and Lincoln, and hiked over to Piestewa Peak Park, where I picked up the 1A (Perl Charles Memorial). I figured I would continue to trail's end near 20th Street, but instead I turned off onto an unmarked trail and began walking along houses in the neighborhood. The yards are all fenced off and walled off, so I wasn't exactly in the neighborhood, but I wasn't exactly on a trail either. I was essentially bushwhacking, even though I was right next to a neighborhood. There is a rock hut over there that I had never seen before. It is tiny and covered in graffiti, but it's something to see. I continued along the houses until the trail ran out, and I then stepped down into a wash. I struggled to make it through the heavy undergrowth without getting bitten by a rattlesnake. I finally made it to the end and climbed up the drainage pipe and onto the street, and I was right back on 22nd Street! Not quite three miles, so not a long hike, but not bad for being in the city.

This is another good alternate hike in the Phoenix Mountains Park. It is far less crowded and quite scenic. I parked at the Mohave lot and took trail 200 to it's end for a great view of the rest of the park, as well as the city. The 202 trail is great too, you can take an unnamed trail to the top of a mountain before looping back to the connector trail. This is a steep climb with great views. This trail is great for views of wildlife, nature, and big and beautiful houses. Good for solitude as well.

Great first day in Phoenix , trip up was tough but the rain on the way down helped cool us off .

This trail is as difficult as it is rewarding. Almost immediately upon ascending, you get a preview of the wondrous view the peak will promise you. The entire terrain is strenuous, but still doable. It's consistent steps up, up and away. No pets allowed, so it's all people struggling to get to the top. Once at the peak, there are many differentiated flat rocks to sit on and enjoy the 360 view. I intend on returning to have yet another fun day of climbing and cherishing this beautiful trail!

Nice hike!

Really enjoyed this trail, it was my wife and I's introduction into hiking and the Phoenix area. Making it to the top is not impossible but is definitely an accomplishment.