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6 days ago

Dreamy Draw Dam is a spectacular area the more you venture into the different web of trails. These trail loops provide an ideal area for a wonderful urban hike, you'll find swift climbs on the trail, rugged rock slopes, and plenty of switch backs.

This trail can provide scenic views of downtown in the background while moving through a beautiful landscape of red cherry barrel cacti, blooming poppy seeds, and hills of grey and red rock trails; it's perfect for the urban hiker, trail runner, and mountain bikers.


•Trail is not marked well

• Recent rainstorms have trashed the trails leaving plenty of rocks n debris on trail making hard to find the way - Study Trail Map Prior

All and all it was a good hike up...
Great view...
A little to easy for me...

Great trail just gets very congested.

Would hike in reverse, to make it easier. some more casual hikers on the trail were complaining it shouldn't be rated as easy.

Well maintained trail. Great trail!

This is very close to our house and a great workout. Scenery isn't the best until you get to the top. It starts out very slow and then has some aggressive steeper sections.

8 days ago

Views are amazing! This was a fun hike though there were a TON of people on the trail.