Great trail for running or being alone and not getting too lost. Relatively flat most of the way.

mountain biking
10 months ago

I love mountain biking through the preserve.

11 months ago

I did the Paradise Valley 100 for the first time ever today. It is located on Tatum Drive at Tomahawk Trail. If you've never been there before and you go looking for it at Tomahawk Trail, you are liable to miss it. Tomahawk Trail is a street running east from Tatum, but the trailhead is on the west side of Tatum, and there is no street sign for it. Just a little outlet from the street leading to the trailhead. There are only four parking spots there, so good luck finding parking. I arrived before 7 am, and I was the only one there yet, so no problem. 100 is also known as the Charles M. Christiansen Trail. Alltrails shows the trail as hard, but that is not true of the main part of the trail. It travels from Tatum over to Squaw Peak Park, and that length is completely easy. I was looking for the hard part and didn't find it before getting to Squaw Peak, so I turned around and came back. It occurred to me that it was maybe a connecting trail or two that was hard, and that was correct. About two mile along the trail from Tatum, there is a side trail that meanders off to the south. I passed it on the way out from Tatum, but grabbed it on the way back. It is not marked that I saw, but it is just a little bit east of the 8, that also crosses the 100. That trails climbs up the side of the ridge on the south side of the 100, and that is where the hiking gets hard. Eventually, it connects to the trail to Two Bit Peak. I realized when I saw it that I had seen Two Bit Peak before, but that was from Squaw Peak rather than Tatum. Anyway, the climb to Two Bit Peak is a bit challenging. The trail is cut from sharp rocks that lie alongside the trail and on the trail. It is also covered in loose rock, making the footwork all the more treacherous. Watch your step, or you are liable to fall down onto some hard rocks. The hike is not at all technically challenging, but it is strenuous work. A very enjoyable hike.

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1 year ago