I loved it! Lots of caves to hangout in with great views. Very relaxing.

Outstanding, with beautiful views. Feels like you are way out in the desert, but when you top a crest you get an awesome view of downtown Phoenix in the distance.

trail running
2 months ago

Super popular, expect a lot of people. Trail is easy to follow and the buttes are cool to check out and explore. Good view of Phoenix and the back of Tempe. Fun for the doggies too.

More of a walk than a hike but nicely maintained park. There are a lot of trails that intersect and you could really just walk where ever due to the lack of plants. Go early since there is very little shade. Good for a longer stroll.

I've lived in Phoenix for years and never actually hiked around here before. It was nice though! The buttes and beautiful. It's very busy since its in the middle of the city but you can go off trail on some areas and you'll never get lost. Not a hard hike at all, but it would be really great for getting a good run workout in! Loved the rock stairs and it's fun to climb around the buttes too if you want some incline. I'll definitely go back for a workout since its so conveniently located. Just for reference, it's across the road from the gardens and zoo, not on the same side. The directions on here will lead you right to the trailhead.

What a beautiful way to start my day.

trail running
5 months ago

Fun trail with good scenery. Mountain goats as well

Very fun. Super easy trail. Amazing views

7 months ago

the hike was nice great views, but my favorite was climbing the mountain to get to the caves

7 months ago

nice hike, but had a great time climbing the mountain to get to the caves...

Loved it. It's not a hike. Walking trail. But most scenic place. A must do...

Nice quick hike.

7 months ago

fairly easy but scenic

Way too easy for me too enjoy as a hike. If I didn't have my pack, I could have run this one. It would be nice for that, but not what I was looking for this morning.

8 months ago

Very easy hike, gorgeous area.
Very crowded.

21 bird species - avocet, black necked stilt, bald eagle, shoveler, rudy duck, plus usual suspects

Arid! May be life bird for many, high above the butte are white throated swifts. They just look small and black. You feet will like an upgrade from sneakers to hiking shoes, see loop trail photos. Great views of Tempe and Scottsdale. Easy 1 hour walk.