Great for kids!! My girlfriend and I took my 9 and 5 year old girls on this trail. Went went early in the day when it was cool, and good thing, because there is NOT a lot of shade cover. The trail is short enough that snacks are not really necessary. Decent elevation (first half, or so, is uphill) and nice views of Downtown in the distance. Overall good, fun, and educational trail. I would do it again. I would also recommend to use the GPS on this app to stay on the right trail. There are a few forks and it's easy to get off track.

a lot of switch backs but it's worth it

29 days ago

Have done this several times and enjoy the hike to the antenna farm and then the backside down. This particular hike is part of the Phoenix Summit Challenge. I did this on 9/17/16 with a couple of friend.

Nice moderate hike, been twice and its my favorite!

Crowded and not a fan of paved trail. If you get off the pavement then there are quite a few one offs to enjoy and away from the people if you like more the serenity style. Quick up and down in 25 minutes if you just do the paved.

Awesome hike that anyone can do

The climb is a little rough but the view makes it all worth it!

I like this hike! I have been coming here since I was a child, and I still come here every once in a while. A little quieter and scenic than North Mountain, and a longer hike as well. I usually start at the trail head at Central Ave. and Thunderbird, in the neighborhood. Go up the paved (partially) road and make a pit stop at the towers. Going down the other side, you can see the remains of Cloud Nine restaurant before you continue your hike down. There is other trail access here, especially the trail head at 7th ave, and you can hook up with trail 100 if you want. I just stick to trail 306 and it circles back to the parking lot. Slightly challenging, good views, and fun!

Good in-town hike and fairly close to home. Crowded most of the time, but parking isn't a problem. Good views of the valley and nice homes and resorts! The paved parts are nothing, and takes away slightly from the hike. I go the complete loop because the rocky desert part of the hike is much better. Go around clockwise for a bigger challenge!

Amazing moderate hike! Used to live next door to this mountain and I loved hiking it every week!

Always a great run. Counterclockwise really works the legs. This is one of my favorite trails to run.

3 months ago

I went to Dreamy Draw Park today. Never been there before, though I don't know why since it"s right around the corner from my house. I started out on the 100, which I know travels through Piestewa Peak Park and then on to Tatum Drive. I continued on it for a while. Mostly flat and not difficult. I turned off the 100 and onto the 1A, another trail I know well from Piestewa Peak. 1A switchbacked up the mountain, so it posed a little difficulty. I turned around and came back down the mountain and onto the 100. I did not finish it today since I like climbing the mountains and the 100 does not do that. It is a long flat hike, but there is a lot of desert to see from it, and it connects to climbing trails.