Decent workout.

Good hike for a morning workout. No shade so bring a hat!

14 days ago

Not heavily travelled area yet easy to access and a very nice place to visit. Mostly flat but areas to climb as well.

Perfect loop trail in the middle of the city, great workout and pleasant for dogs as long as it's not too hot out.

The 44 trail part of it is awesome, small trail, very rocky, a little scrambling and great resting spots if you like to climb a little. I'm not much of one for paved trails (the north mountain side), but the paved side is a great night hike or easy workout route.

Quick moderately difficult hike. Perfect if you want city views and a decent workout in an hour!

Love this trail... great workout and beautiful views.

Okay. No shade. Looks good for bikes or after a rain

I think I would really like this trail but it wasn't what I expected. I've been to the top of N. Mountain before but I got there from 15th and Peoria. This one was so steep at the beginning and I wasn't prepared at all for that so I just turned around and went back. This was my first hike since the weather has gotten nicer so I think I need to build up to that again. So tomorrow I'll go to the other side that I know and tackle this one again when I get a little more conditioning.

first time out here.. it was tough but feel great now!

Great panoramic views

1 month ago

Great for kids!! My girlfriend and I took my 9 and 5 year old girls on this trail. Went went early in the day when it was cool, and good thing, because there is NOT a lot of shade cover. The trail is short enough that snacks are not really necessary. Decent elevation (first half, or so, is uphill) and nice views of Downtown in the distance. Overall good, fun, and educational trail. I would do it again. I would also recommend to use the GPS on this app to stay on the right trail. There are a few forks and it's easy to get off track.

a lot of switch backs but it's worth it

2 months ago

Have done this several times and enjoy the hike to the antenna farm and then the backside down. This particular hike is part of the Phoenix Summit Challenge. I did this on 9/17/16 with a couple of friend.