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Really easy hike with great scenery.

fun ramble. good views from the top.

Great trail for all skill levels with great views all around!

14 days ago

mountain biking
18 days ago

We rode MTBs from Toms Thumb trailhead to this loop and back ! nice ride

19 days ago

Put "Eagles Nest Community" in your GPS to get to the parking lot. My Fitbit said 0.45 miles to get to the trailhead from the parking lot (Follow the sidewalk with the feathers printed on them). It was 2$ per person to enter the park from this entrance. This is a pretty trail, a lot of ups and downs but completely doable for anyone. Wear sturdy shoes as the path is more rocks than gravel. You will turn a corner and see the tailings from the mine. You can either hike on top of the tailings and view the mine from above or follow a small man-made/wash trail below the tailings to view the mine from below. Keep following that wash trail (below the tailings in the canyon) and you will find two panels of petroglyphs. One right after the mine and one a little further back, that are a little harder to spot, but worth the extra effort. If the wash is wet it could be slippery, so be careful! After starting from the parking lot, hiking on top of the tailings and to the 2nd panel of petroglyphs and back to the parking lot my Fitbit said 6.25 miles. Beautiful views of the Mountain Range! Recommend it!

19 days ago

Starts easy but u are sure in for a climb. Thank you to the Dc boys that helped me on the way back.

21 days ago

22 days ago

This is a beautiful hike. Not busy, amazing views, and a well-groomed trail. This is definitely one of my favorites! You do have to walk about a mile through the neighborhood to get to the trailhead. I didn't see the petroglyphs or mine but I stopped at the Thompson Peak crossroad (about 2.5 miles in) and turned around so it might be just past that marker.

Beautiful easy walk/hike. Easily one of my favorites to do in this area. Slight rolling hills and zig zags between large saguaros. Just love it!