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Named after the fabled lost gold mine, Lost Dutchman State Park is located in the Sonoran Desert, 40 miles east of Phoenix. Several trails lead from the park into the Superstition Wilderness and surrounding Tonto National Forest. Take a stroll along the Native Plant Trail or hike the challenging Siphon Draw Trail to the top of the Flatiron. Depending on the years rainfall, you might be treated to a carpet of desert wildflowers in the spring. Enjoy a weekend of camping and experience native wildlife including mule deer, coyote, javelina and jackrabbit. The park offers a variety of hiking trails, nature trails, picnic facilities, 72 campsites, a dump station, restrooms, showers, and group use areas. The visitor center sells maps and other publications. Before you hike, be prepared with enough water and proper footwear as the trails are steep and challenging.

2 days ago

Unlike the other great Phoenix area hikes... unique terrain once you start gaining elevation. Started earlier this week on a 43deg morning, very few people just after sunrise. Flat Iron was hidden by the cloud deck. Great insights from the Park Ranger about the trail and options once you reach the "top".
Will be doing this one again, great workout.

4 days ago

Start early, bring water, be ready to work your legs off, and prepare yourself for the breathtaking view! Well worth the trek.

11 days ago

Great leg workout with beautiful views

13 days ago

15 days ago

I thought it was challenging! Starts out pretty flat but then gradually builds uphill the rest of the way. It was a great workout and I will definitely be back! As for dogs, we have a medium-sized Doxie and I'm glad we didn't bring him because I don't think he would have been able to keep up. Also, we measured it closer to 5 miles.

23 days ago

this was a fun hike. I wasn't expecting so much climbing and in parts the trail wasn't too well marked. but the view at the top is worth it! I had one woman tell me, "you will feel like you can't keep going, but keep going because you're almost there!" and she was totally right! start early in the day.

24 days ago

This is now my favorite hike in the valley. I love the Superstitions but have always hiked the Gold Canyon side. We started before dawn and there was hardly anyone out that early. Most people were just heading up as we were about halfway down. The trail was marked by white dots but above the basin at times we missed them, getting a little off course, but really as long as you're heading up you can't really get lost. Be careful of the scree on the upper half of the basin making it easy to slide when coming down. Above the basin it gets challenging at times as you have to climb over boulders. The view at the top is phenomenal and totally worth the climb. It took us about 5 hours to do with a break at the top to enjoy the views. It was also a really clean trail, no litter or graffiti.

Definitely rocky. Harder going up on the southern portion. Northern part longer but not as steep. I'd rank it as moderate. 500 ' ec.

30 days ago

Took my husband and 3 year old son. Stared at sunset. Turned into a beautiful easy night hike. Saw a frog and tarantula. Enjoyed it, will return.

1 month ago

I would say this trail is moderate. Beautiful views and quite a bit of uphill. Explored to the area where water falls. Felt more like 8 miles than the 5.... definitely a must do. The sign is now gone, once you park at the area of massacre Grounds and Crosscut, make sure you take the trail to the left. I was shown this trail by a Meetup group. Come to find out, the group said it was massacre trail but they showed me crosscut trail. Massacre trail is a better hike, more views and more perspiring required. Glad I finally found the true trail. It's amazing